10 Fast Facts About What You Rented in 2011

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2011 was a banner year here at Redbox. We rented millions of movies at thousands of locations all around the country. We even rented our 1.5 billionth movie. Not bad!

In honor of all the movie nights you enjoyed in 2011, let’s take a look back at the films that sent you running to your Redbox kiosk. From city to city, here are the fascinating stats:

  1. Of all the 11 major U.S. cities that we took a look at, Cleveland rented the most comedies. Seven out of the city’s top 10 rentals were funny stuff.

  3. The Fighter, The Town and The Social Network were all top 5 rentals in Boston. (And guess what? They all take place in and around Boston!)

  5. On the flip side, Boston didn’t have any family films in their top 10.

  7. Boston and Chicago shared the record for most dramas in the top 10. (Each had 4.)

  9. Orlando and Miami had more action movies in their top 10 rentals than any other major city. (Florida keeps it hot!)

  11. Denver and Dallas were the only major cities that had family movies in their top 5 rentals: Rango and Despicable Me.

  13. Battle: Los Angeles was the #4 rental in — surprise, surprise — Los Angeles.

  15. Not one horror movie was a top 10 rental in any of the major U.S. cities. Spooky!

  17. None of the top 10 movies in Cleveland, Chicago or Milwaukee were action movies.

  19. The comedy Just Go With It was the number 1 rental in all cities. Every. Single. One. (Congrats, Adam & Jennifer!)

Want to see more?

If you want to see some more highlights from the past year, check out the 2011 Movie Awards, presented by Redbox. It’s the only awards show you’ll see where the winners were determined by what you watched and voted on.

2011 Movie Awards, Presented by Redbox

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  1. belinda
    Posted on March 11, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    i saw that Redbox could be purchasing the Blockbuster Kiosks. I love renting from these kiosks but wish there was an easier way to return them. Are you able to utilize Blockbuster’s mailing scanning system with the Post Office so we can drop movies in the mailbox Monday morning instead of driving back to a kiosk?
    Just an idea…