Yay, Nay, or Maybe: A Where’s Waldo Movie?

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The Where’s Waldo? phenomenon hit its stride when I was in junior high in the late ’80s. I was never really that into searching for the red-and-white-shirted Harry Potter lookalike (or is it Harry who looks like Waldo? Waldo was on the scene for ten years before Harry!), but we did have this glitter-wand doohickey at our house that was pretty cool to play around with when I was bored—Waldo was floating somewhere amidst hundred of other little specks in a gooey liquid. (It just so happens that those things are going for $89 on eBay right now?!? Uh, Mom, can you find ours?)

Back then I would have NEVER thought that a live-action movie would one day be in the works for Waldo, especially when that “one day” wouldn’t come to pass until nearly 25 years after British illustrator Martin Handford’s children’s books (titled Where’s Wally? in the UK) first became a big hit.

But hey, if Hollywood’s making movies out of the Ouija board, Candyland, Battleship, and Stretch Armstrong, why not a Where’s Waldo? flick? The biggest question is if its plot would revolve around a mystery—where maybe Waldo is some important dude (perhaps a famous scientist who found the cure for a killer virus that’s sweeping the planet?) who’s missing and a crack team of FBI agents needs to locate him… but they keep running into red herrings. Or maybe we’ll see things from Waldo’s perspective—what if he’s being stalked by crazies and needs to evade all of his fans? The possibilities—both intriguing and totally, totally lame—are endless, really. (Oh, and I just re-read the initial news report on this from Deadline Hollywood, and apparently it’s going to be a family-friendly film. So I guess my aforementioned plot ideas are probably off the table.)

For those of you who’ve ever looked for Waldo yourself, what do you make of this news? Is your knee-jerk reaction “This could be interesting?”… or are you wrinkling your nose and sighing, “There is no way this is going to turn out well.”

Vote in the poll below, share your opinions in the comments section below, and for old time’s sake, go ahead and try to find Waldo at the beach!

Is a "Where's Waldo?" Movie a Good Idea?

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