What’s New at Redbox This Week?

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This one goes to eleven!

Eleven new movies hit redbox kiosks this week, and here’s the lowdown on all of them:

Green LanternGreen Lantern

Test pilot Hal Jordan is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers after he attempts to save a dying alien who’s crash-landed on Earth. His new bling gives him membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe… which is hard to do after a mad scientist teams up with the power-hungry
creature Parallax.

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Tim Robbins

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Horrible BossesHorrible Bosses

If you think YOUR boss is bad, just wait until you see the level of humiliation, harassment and ridicule three friends have to put up with from their superiors on a daily basis. After they’ve each reached the end of their proverbial ropes, they decide to hire a “murder consultant” and plan a triple-hit. Because surely that’s the easiest and most logical way out of their miserable situations, right?

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey

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The Tree of LifeThe Tree of Life

Jack—the eldest son of a 1950s-era Midwestern family—finds himself caught between his mother, who views the world with love and mercy, and his father, whose severity in teaching his son self-reliance leaves a lasting impression. Approximately 40 years later, an adult Jack is a lost soul in the modern world, still struggling to reconcile the complicated relationship with his father, and still grappling for answers to life’s eternal questions. (Plus… DINOSAURS!)

Genre: Drama

Starring: Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain, Fiona Shaw, Irene Bedard

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Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer SummerJudy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer

Judy Moody is planning the most super-duper, double-rare summer vacation ever with her best friends Rocky and Amy. Except that both of them end up leaving town and Judy is stuck home with her pesky little brother Stink and second-best friend Frank. Just when things seem like they can’t get any worse, her parents announce they’ll be heading to California and Judy will have to stay behind with her Aunt Opal, who she’s never even met!

Genre: Kids, Family, Comedy, Adventure

Starring: Heather Graham, Jordana Beatty, Parris Mosteller, Preston Bailey, Jaleel White

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Terri movieTerri

Terri’s been abandoned by his parents and left with his ailing Uncle James. Sensitive, overweight and awkward, Terri is painfully aware that his circumstances have landed him far from the inner circle of high school life. Resigned to his outsider status, Terri is surprised when his tough-talking high school vice principal, Mr. Fitzgerald, takes an interest in him. Under Mr. Fitzgerald’s tutelage, Terri befriends a pair of fellow misfits, and the three teenagers find an unexpected, imperfect bond.

Genre: Drama

Starring: Jacob Wysocki, John C Reilly, Creed Bratton, Olivia Crocicchia, Bridger Zadina

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13 movie13

Down-and-out Vince steals an envelope containing instructions for a mysterious job that promises a potential fortune. He assumes a false identity and follows the instructions, only to find himself a numbered participant in an underworld Russian roulette competition, where gamblers place bets on who’ll survive when the trigger is pulled. The stakes are high, but the payout is more than Vince can resist. Will it take more than luck to be the last man standing?

Genre: Action

Starring: Jason Statham, Sam Riley, 50 Cent, Mickey Rourke, Ray Winstone

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A Better TomorrowA Better Tomorrow

When his long-lost little brother resurfaces, a successful gangster must balance family loyalties with his complicated professional commitments. In this treacherous world of the black-market weapons trade, honor and vengeance go hand in hand.

Genre: Action

Starring: Ju Jin-mo, Seoung-Heon Song, Kim Kang-woo, Jo Han-seon, Song Hae-seong

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One in the GunOne in the Gun

When Mickey, a homeless and struggling artist, crosses paths with Katrina, the beautiful wife of a wealthy businessman, and he’s enlisted to paint their home, deadly passions ignite. Soon hidden agendas, dangerous seductions, and double-crosses spiral Mickey’s life out of control, leading to a motel filled with strange characters and twisted secrets that hold the key to the mystery of Mickey’s past, present and future.

Genre: Action

Starring: Steven Man, Katherine Randolph, Robert Davi, Steven Bauer, James Russo

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The Perfect Age of Rock n RollThe Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Spyder, a world famous musician whose debut album is a huge hit, retreats to his hometown after his sophomore effort flops. There he reconnects with his former friend and collaborator, Eric Genson, now a middle school music teacher. It’s a reunion that forces the two to recall their youthful ambitions and re-examine the choices they’ve made. Accompanied by other rockers, they set off on a journey along historic Route 66 in hopes of salvaging a long-lost dream and rekindling the mojo that made Spyder’s debut album a huge success.

Genre: Drama

Starring: Kevin Zegers, Jason Ritter, Taryn Manning, Lukas Haas, Peter Fonda

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Evil ThingsEvil Things

Five college friends take a road trip to celebrate a 21st birthday, and aspiring filmmaker Leo brings his video camera along to document their journey. While staying in a country home on a cold and snowy weekend, the group’s excitement quickly turns to panic and 48 hours later they’ve all vanished, leaving investigators without a single clue… until now.

Genre: Horror

Starring: Laurel Casillo, Morgan Hooper, Ryan Maslyn, Elyssa Mersdorf, Torrey Weiss

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The Wiggles Its Always Christmas With YouThe Wiggles: It’s Always Christmas With You

Join The Wiggles on their around-the-world holiday adventure! Travel across three continents—from Australia to New York City to Ireland—to learn how Christmas is celebrated. Sing along with 14 holiday hits, and dance your way through “Jingle Bell Rock” with Dorothy the Dinosaur. This festive favorite also features celebrity guests, including *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone singing “O Holy Night.”

Genre: Family, Kids

Starring: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Sam Moran, Joey Fatone

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    • Currently 1/5 Stars
    Posted on November 16, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    I used Redbox for the first time during a car route between Baton Rouge, LA and Indianapolis. I picked up a movie at a McDonald’s and then had a very hard time finding another location to return it. I think I stopped at every McDonald’s between Nashville and BR without any success. I finally found a box in Baton Rouge.

    Is it not possible to get McDonald’s or any other vendor who has Interstate billboards to list on its billboards that they are a Redbox site?? Based on my first and last experience, I don’t think this will be something I repeat until it becomes a little more user-friendly.

    Great idea, great price…it is just not fun to go exit hopping looking for a return site, especially when you are facing a 1000 journey.

    Hope this helps,