Tuesday Threes: The Answer

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I asked you what film featured John Goodman, Tyra Banks, and Maria Bello (who stars alongside Stephen Dorff this week in the thriller Carjacked, now available from Redbox). Only 33 of you took a guess, which is on the low end participation-wise, but we’ll chalk that up to hectic pre-holiday schedules, and not any sort of general weakness or laziness on your part.

Before I get to the winners, I want to give a big, hearty Redblog congrats to one of our oldest and most active Reader Who Rocks, commenter, and quiz player, Fiirvoen–last week he and his wife welcomed a brand-new little film lover into the world. Woot! And remember, it’s never too soon to get the kid started playing The Threes!

Now back to the game… Guessing first and most correctly was a first-time Threes player and winner (I think), Erica Foster! Erica gets to make a brand-new, homemade, construction–paper medal.

If she needs help on the medal-making directions, she can ask second-place finisher 2sa–he has about 400 of them laying around his place. And in third was another steady quiz player, Brentley3. Congrats, all!

Regular Threes player Dave was the third person to get an answer submitted, but he guessed The Flintstones because, “it just feels right.” It might feel right, Dave, and yet it is still so very… wrong.

No, the correct answer was 2000′s Coyote Ugly, a tale of hot women dancing on bars that was narrowly edged out for the Best Picture Oscar by Gladiator.

It was a relatively early film role for Bello, who was Lil, the owner of the Coyote Ugly bar. (Which, of course, is a real bar in New York City, making the film really more like a documentary, right?)

Goodman played the father of star Piper Perabo’s character, who has trouble understanding why his little girl’s big-city dreams involve dancing on top of a bar.

And before there was America’s Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra Banks appeared in the film as Zoe, one of the other women dancing on top of the bar.

But then at the end Piper’s character gets to sing with Leanne Rimes and everyone lives happily ever after.


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  1. moviegoer123
    Posted on November 23, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Congratulations to the quiz winners! Also, congratulations to Fiirvoen on his new baby who also loves films!