Fright Night’s Chris Sarandon Stars in the Freeze Frame Answers

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Fright NightI did my best to set up a spooky-ish Freeze Frame challenge for you over Halloween weekend, and was pleased with how many of you rose to the occasion and took time away from your candy gobbling to take a stab at naming these three films.

But it was last week’s champion, Reader Who Rocks Glenn Berkshier, who was first on the scene. Now he just needs to win again this coming weekend in order to be able to craft his very own Three in a Row Victory Cup. Glenn knew that the featured trio was made up of stills from my all-time favorite movie, The Princess Bride, and then the first Child’s Play film, followed by The Nightmare Before Christmas.

In second place was Lauranda, who is almost always in our list of players who guessed the Common Thread correctly, but who has only placed in the overall Top Three once before, when he (or is it she? I forgot!) got third in mid-August. Coming in third this time around was first-time player Maria Moore. Congrats to all of you!

Both Glenn and Lauranda knew that the Common Link between the films was Chris Sarandon, who was the gloriously arrogant Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride (“Unless I am wrong, and I am never wrong…”), Detective Norris in Child’s Play, and provided the voice of lead character Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas. I chose to work the game around Sarandon because he’s the big bad vampire Jerry Dandridge (definitely the best vampire name ever) in the original Fright Night,
which is now at redbox. As you probably remember, a Fright Night remake hit theaters earlier this year with Colin Farell in Sarandon’s role… although Sarandon did have a nice cameo in the 2011 film. (I won’t spoil it, though!)

My husband is a big fan of the original campy horror-lite flick from director Tom Holland, and while he also enjoyed the remake, he still prefers the ’85 version. Mostly because of this line: “The master will kill you for this! But not fast. Slowly! Oh, so slowly!”, which is uttered by “Evil Ed” and is NOT in the remake.

Others who guessed Sarandon as the link and therefore get to make themselves Pins of Pride include: 2sa, VBox, Stacie Crites, Clerra Hess, Dominique, Phillies34, Ben Boyd, Taquasha Wharton, AmyS, Kayla, Eric H,  Sparky, AND Fiirvoen.

I’m loving all of the new players! Keep at it, folks, and one day you can be like Glenn… on the verge of the triple-win.

Thanks again to everyone who played, and remain on guard this coming weekend. A new challenge could hit at any time.

I’ll leave you with the trailer for Fright Night (1985), in all of its pre-CGI magnificence!

The original Fright Night, starring Chris Sarandon as “Jerry the Vampire,” is now at redbox!

Reserve a copy tonight.

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