Yay, Nay, or Maybe: Would You Watch “24: The Movie”?

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24 movieI (along with millions of other people) was a big fan of the TV series 24, a “real-time” political thriller starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, a rogue Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU) agent fighting the good fight to keep us hapless Americans safe. The series’ eight-season run came to a close in May 2010, and there’s been talk of a film version ever since.

Now it looks like those big-screen plans are becoming a reality, with Sutherland telling The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week that a script by Billy Ray (State of Play, the upcoming Hunger Games) is finally in the can.

“We have worked very long and hard over the past two years on a screenplay, but it was actually much harder to take this idea that was told in 24 hours and condense it into a two-hour movie,” he said. To which I respond, “Duh!” First off, it was already tough for the TV series to pull off the “real-time” concept, and I’m sure other fans of the show will agree that by the last few seasons, reality was pretty much thrown out the window when it came to how long it would/should take any of the characters to get anywhere by car, public transportation, or foot. Zig-zagging across LA, NYC or DC in five minutes flat? NO PROBLEM, HE’S JACK BAUER, HE CAN DO ANYTHING. Right?

All cynicism aside, I’m actually very excited for a 24 movie. Unlike an Arrested Development film, I actually think 24 has a shot at being a big box-office success. Why? Because Kiefer Sutherland is a big draw, action-thrillers do better than brainy comedies, and 24 had a loyal, ten-million-strong fanbase in the U.S. alone. (And once again, for the record, I LOVED Arrested Development. But I will bet all of you that its film version is not going to be financially successful.)

So let’s hear it from both 24 fans and non-fans alike! And as always, feel free to expound upon your vote in the comments section.

Are you interested in "24: The Movie"?

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Can’t wait for the Jack Bauer’s return in order to get your action-flick thrills?

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One Response to “Yay, Nay, or Maybe: Would You Watch “24: The Movie”?”

  1. filbertthegreat
    Posted on October 9, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    I’m not looking forward to this. Jack Bauer was seeming less like an unstoppable CTU agent, and more like a whiny brat as the series went on, especially in the final season. Unless they change the direction of his character in a feature-length movie, it will be a horrid film, even if it will sell some tickets.