What’s New at Redbox This Week?

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Eleven movies hit redbox kiosks this week!

Here’s the rundown on all of the latest arrivals…

Bridesmaids movieBridesmaids

Thirtysomething Annie finds her life turned completely upside down when she takes on the maid of honor role in her best friend Lillian’s wedding, just as her own relationship (and career, and living situation) is falling apart. In over her head but determined to not lose her title one of Lillian’s aggressive new friends, Annie leads a motley crew  of bridesmaids on a wild ride down the road to the big event.

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Hamm

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Bad Teacher movieBad Teacher

Elizabeth Halsey drinks, gets high, and can’t wait to gold-dig her way out of her job as a junior high school teacher. But when she’s dumped by her fiancé, she must set her sights on a rich, handsome substitute teacher instead, while shrugging off the advances of the school gym coach.

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Lucy Punch, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake, Phyllis Smith

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Red state movieRed State

Three teenage boys are lured to the town of Cooper’s Dell with the promise of a party. But instead of enjoying a wild night, they’re plunged into the nightmarish world of Pastor Cooper and the Five Points Trinity, a fundamentalist group with a stockpile of weaponry and a deadly moral agenda. When word of the teens’ disappearance reaches the authorities, a military task force is mobilized and braces for a furious gun battle with Cooper and his heavily armed followers.

Genre: Suspense, Horror, Drama

Starring: Michael Parks, Stephen Root, John Goodman, Melissa Leo, Nicholas Braun

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A Better Life movieA Better Life

This critically acclaimed drama follows Carlos Galindo, who always dreamed of a better life for his wife and newborn son when he crossed the border into the US. But when his wife left him, Carlos’s only goal became to make sure his son Luis was given the opportunities he never had. Together, they embark on a physical and spiritual journey where they discover that family is the most important part of the American dream.

Genre: Drama, Foreign

Starring: Demián Bichir, Jose Julian, Chelsea Rendon, Dolores Heredia, Joaquín Cosío

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Beats Rhymes and LifeBeats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest defined the sound of an early-’90s New York hip-hop scene that reverberated across the nation. Formed in 1985 by Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Jarobi White, Tribe melded jazz-infused musicscapes and Afrocentric rhymes with bass-heavy rhythmic vibes, eclectic sampling, and intelligent lyrics addressing social and political issues with infectious energy. The band’s sudden break-up in 1998 shocked the industry and saddened the band’s fans, and this documentary looks at their past, present, and uncertain future.

Genre: Drama, Documentary

Starring: Q Tip, Malik Taylor, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, Jarobi White, Ludacris, Michael Rapaport

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The Howling RebornThe Howling: Reborn

Just in time for Halloween!

On the eve of his high school graduation, Will finally bonds with the girl of his dreams, the reclusive Eliana. Unfortunately, Will also discovers that he’s about to become a werewolf. D’OH! In an effort to fight destiny and save their love as well as their lives, Will and Eliana must battle not only Will’s growing blood-lust, but also an army of fearsome beasts bent on killing them. How romantic.

Genre: Horror

Starring: Lindsey Shaw, Ivana Milicevic, Landon Liboiron, Erin Agostino, Kristian Hodko

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Bobby ZBobby Z

This 2007 action flick boasts a lot of now-famous names!

Marked for death by a biker gang, ex-Marine convict Tim Kearney just got one last chance to walk out of jail alive. A scheming DEA agent needs somebody to impersonate the recently deceased druglord Bobby Z… and Tim happens to be a dead ringer. If Tim plays his part right, he may be able to claim Bobby Z’s smoking hot ex-girlfriend and a cool fortune in illegal profits. Unfortunately, taking on Bobby Z’s name also means taking on his bloodthirsty enemies…

Genre: Action

Starring: Paul Walker, Laurence Fishburne, Jason Lewis, Jacob Vargas, Olivia Wilde

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Everyday movieEveryday

Another one with some recognizable cast members…

Ned is a loving husband and devoted father dealing with life’s curveballs. He’s got a stressed-out wife, an independent teenage son, and an embittered father-in-law who’s turning his home upside down. Ned’s job writing a scandalous TV series for a demanding boss is unfulfilling, and late night rewrites with a sexy co-worker might just push him over the deep end.

Genre: Drama

Starring: Liev Schreiber, Helen Hunt, Carla Gugino, Eddie Izzard, Brian Dennehy

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Good Day for itGood Day For It

A man forced to abandon his wife and daughter years earlier must risk his life to settle an old score and reunite his family.

Genre: Drama, Suspense

Starring: Robert Patrick, Hal Holbrook, Christian Kane, Samantha Mathis, Lance Henriksen

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Sundays at TiffanysSundays at Tiffany’s

Meet the Type-A Jane Claremont, the always-in-control manager of her mother’s theater. Engaged to the handsome, successful actor Hugh, Jane’s got a plan for everything—until her childhood imaginary friend, Michael, suddenly returns. Jane hasn’t seen Michael since one fateful day at Tiffany’s when she was ten years old. Now he’s back, making her doubt her sanity while rediscovering joy, innocence and creativity.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Starring: Alyssa Milano, Eric Winter, Kristin Booth, Emily Alyn Lind, Ivan Sergei

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Arthur Dancing FoolsArthur: Dancing Fools

Based on the best-selling children’s books by Marc Brown, Arthur chronicles the adventures of the world’s most famous aardvark, eight-year-old Arthur Read. Across four episodes, Arthur and his friends encounter the joys and difficulties that all kids experience. From taking a dance class to making a video, Arthur manages to handle each situation with imagination, kindness, and humor.

Genre: Family, Animated, Kids

Featuring the voices of: Cameron Ansell, Robert Naylor, Melissa Altro, Jodie Resther, Bruce Dinsmore

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2 Responses to “What’s New at Redbox This Week?”

  1. moviegoer123
    Posted on October 19, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    There’s a few look interesting films to me: A Better Life and Sundays at Tiffany’s.

  2. marla tenley
    Posted on October 20, 2011 at 7:53 am

    i would like to see howling:reborn