The Freeze Frame Answers (& Winners), Starring Kevin Smith

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"Red State" Premiere - 2011 Sundance Film FestivalIt was a great turnout for the Freeze Frame challenge this weekend! Was it because these three stills were from cult-fave films and fairly easy to identify? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, Robert was the first to name them as Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Dogma. (The first and last in that trio are two of my all-time favorites, by the way.) So now Robert, who from what I can tell is not only a first-time Freeze Frame champion, but also a first-time redblog commenter overall, gets to craft his super-duper aluminum foil trophy, hoist it up on his shoulders and carry it about town for all to see and secretly covet.

In second place was Jose Marin (who came in second a month ago, too… come on, Jose! First place is just taunting you now!), and in third was newbie Holden Leung. Great job, guys!

Our winner Robert was also the first to name the connection between the three films, which was writer/director Kevin Smith. Several of you guessed Ben Affleck, but he wasn’t in Clerks. However, the characters “Jay and Silent Bob,” played by Jason Mewes and Smith himself, were in all three movies, so I accepted that answer as well. And a big shout-out on top of the honor of making a second Pin of Pride for this challenge goes to longtime player Brentley3, who was the only person to point out that on top of the other connections already mentioned, the actor Brian O’Halloran (“Dante” from Clerks) is also in all of the films. I learned something today, mom!

I picked Kevin Smith to revolve the challenge around because his most controversial film to date, Red State, hit redbox kiosks today. As with Dogma, Smith’s latest religion-themed work was protested during film fest premieres, and to the right you can see the director getting in on the action at Sundance. He had a few other hilarious signs, too… but they weren’t quite so family-friendly.

Jay and Silent BobSpeaking of NOT family-friendly, I couldn’t even find an embeddable green-band trailer for Red State—its red-band (as in, explicit and for mature audiences only) was the only one widely available on the Interwebs, and it made my stomach a bit queasy, so I’ll just link to the only green-band trailer I found (from the film’s UK Facebook page) instead. Locke will provide a full review of Red State at some point later this week for you all, m’kay?

Until then, here’s the list of everyone who knew Smith was the link and therefore gets to make a Pin of Pride (and that includes people who actually named the films incorrectly but still knew Kevin was the key!): Robert, Steve “Mowgli” Moffett, Chelsea, Melony, Steve Hamel, Tim, filbertthegreat, realman99, Jon Krandel, Jason, Michele, Lauranda, Kali Bailey, Tyler Anderson, Brentley3, Marceleen Wilson, Phillip Caldwell, Drew, Shane L, Savanna Dorati, Tammi, Amy, Kelcey, Steve Matney, Shanna Strohm, Nicole Keller, Alicia Countryman, Nicholas Monte, Mindy, Rick Rolston, Matthew Mitchell, April, UncleBob1221, Jillian Bevis, Doug S, Brandi Hughes, Dave Capone, Ganja102389, Dave, Glenn Berkshier, Matthew the Movie Geek, Mike, Spaz, Mary, Dave (different Dave!), Eric, Scott Powell, AND Amanda Andersen.

Wonderful work, one and all!

Thanks for playing and stay tuned for another challenge at a surprise time over the weekend.

Kevin Smith’s Red State is now available at redbox on both DVD and Blu-ray.

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