Tuesday Threes: The Answer

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Great turnout for yesterday’s Threes, plus it looks like a lot of brand-new quiz players and folks new to redblog itself. Welcome, everyone! Hope you’ll hang around with us a while–we have a couple trivia quizzes a week (more if Sparky has his way), plus often have contest giveaways on Thursdays. And that’s on top of the daily news, reviews, recommendations, and other fun stuff.

Enough with the not-so-subtle blog promotion… I asked you guys what film featured the always great Loretta Devine (starring in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family, available this week from redbox), Denzel Washington, and the late Gregory Hines. About 84 of you took a guess and most of you were right.

(Sorry, it wasn’t Waiting to Exhale, which also featured Ms. Devine and Mr. Hines, but not Denzel.)

However, new players and visitors to redblog, there’s one thing you’ll learn quickly about the Threes: you gotta move pretty darn fast to beat 2sa. He might have slacked off a few times this past month, but this week 2sa came roaring back to win himself yet another homemade construction-paper medal. In second was regular redblog quiz and contest player Glenn Berkshier, and in third place was another formidable Threeser and Freeze Framer Brentley3. Congrats, all!

As most of you guessed, the film in question was The Preacher’s Wife starring Denzel and Whitney Houston, a 1996 remake of 1947′s The Bishop’s Wife (with Cary Grant and Loretta Young).

Denzel’s career was in full swing when he took the role of helpful angel Dudley in The Preacher’s Wife (one of the actor’s rare romantic films)–he’d already been nominated for three Oscars (for Cry Freedom, Glory, and Malcolm X) and had recently starred or co-starred in Philadelphia, Crimson Tide, and Devil with a Blue Dress.

For dancer and actor Gregory Hines, The Preacher’s Wife was sadly the last of his major feature films. The multi-talented performer, who had co-starred in White Nights and Running Scared, died of liver cancer at the age of 57 in 2003.

By 1996, Loretta Devine had been working in film and television for 15 years (including A Different World in the late ’80s), but Preacher’s Wife and Waiting to Exhale the year before were major steps in her career. She’d go on to do absolutely terrific work on TV’s Boston Public and in the film Crash, and–much to the joy of fans like myself–has been appearing more often lately in films like Lottery Ticket, Death at a Funeral, and Perry’s For Colored Girls and Madea’s Big Happy Family.


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