The Freeze Frame Answers (& Winners), Starring Robert Downey Jr.

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I had a feeling this weekend’s Freeze Frame challenge might be a teensy bit tougher than what I’ve thrown at you for the past few months, and I was right. Movie #2 from the trio stumped a lot of folks, who either left their guess for that film blank, or submitted something along the lines of St. Elmo’s Fire. But alas, the films were Weird Science, Less Than Zero, and Sherlock Holmes. I guess I can see how one would get two ’80s films about dysfunctional pretty young things confused, though.

The first person who was not tricked at all was our dear friend, Reader Who Rocks, and all-around cool dude Glenn Berkshier, who was last allowed to make an aluminum foil trophy for himself in mid-July. Now he gets to add another trophy to his collection so the first doesn’t get lonely, how nice. Congrats, Glenn! In second place was another reader who rocks, Matthew the Movie Geek, who last placed in the Top Three in December of 2009 (when he won under his previous username of “Matthew S”)! And in third was total newcomer Eric Carter, who I hope we’ll see again around these parts real soon.

Glenn, Matthew and Eric all knew that the common thread between the trio of films was actor Robert Downey Jr., who played the bully Ian in Weird Science, and whose role as the junkie Julian in Less Than Zero not only shot him to fame, but also ironically pushed him even further into his own battle with drug addiction. Two years before that addiction would lead to the first of countless arrests and rehab programs, Downey starred in the lighthearted rom-com Only You with Marisa Tomei. Redbox will have Only You in kiosks tomorrow, only you moviewhich is why I chose to revolve the challenge around the man who began a rousing career comeback in summer 2008 with back-to-back hits, namely Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. That comeback hasn’t slowed at all, and now Downey is the star of a second franchise, Sherlock Holmes, which gets a sequel this December.

Others besides our three overall winners who recognized Downey as the common link and therefore get to make themselves a Pin of Pride include: Paul N (who took some time out on his birthday to participate in our challenge—how’s that for dedication? Hope it was a happy one, Paul!), Trevor L, Samantha Ward, Jeremy F, Dru Guidry, Justin, Kathleen, Robbie Lipham, Chris Williams, Mike Frevert, Heather, John Skaja, Amber, Joe Moreno, Jeanbean225, Kim Jordan, Susan Bartlett, Jon Biggs, Mary, Rafael Tellez, Dave, Lauranda, Melanie Jones, Connie Barnhart, Cate W, Mel, Dave, Ken Sanders AND Sparky.

Thanks to all who played, and keep an eye out for another round of Freeze Frame at some point this weekend. And now, the very cute trailer for 1994′s Only You:

Robert Downey Jr. movies at redbox:

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  1. Dave
    Posted on August 30, 2011 at 9:17 am

    If you know Weird Science, then you can deduce Less than Zero from the Downey connection.