The Freeze Frame Winners and Answers, Featuring the Music of Sir Elton John

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The Lion KingSome interesting things went down in this weekend’s Freeze Frame challenge. We had last week’s second-place winner, Paul N, claim victory for the first time since August 2010. I hope his aluminum foil trophy-making skills aren’t too rusty…

Paul was also the first person to guess the common thread between The Lion King, Almost Famous, and Moulin Rouge! (but we’ll get to that in a minute). Our second and third place winners didn’t identify the link (it was admittedly a tough one), but they deserve a round of applause all the same. They are: lizindsm and Cate. Bravo!

I must now tip my proverbial hat to Ryan Diaz, who pointed out that the three featured films all won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture — Comedy or Musical. That hadn’t been the bit of trivia that I’d been thinking of when assembling the challenge, but it needs to count for something, wouldn’t you agree? Hmm, what can we give Ryan for his efforts? What about an invisible balloon! That should do the trick.

Though I’d missed the Golden Globe connection, what was in my head for the common thread was the fact that all of the movies featured Elton John songs. He of course co-wrote The Lion King soundtrack with Tim Rice, his “Tiny Dancer” played a pivotal role in Almost Famous (“Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters,” which is probably my favorite EJ tune, made an appearance in that film as well), and then Ewan McGregor belted out “Your Song” in Moulin Rouge!

The reason Elton was on my mind is because Gnomeo & Juliet arrives at redbox tomorrow, and my favorite part of that high-energy film was how it incorporated Elton John songs into the storyline, on top of highlighting several recognizable John melodies throughout. Others besides Paul who recognized the somewhat obscure link that tied the trio together and therefore get to make a Pin of Pride include: Donna Grunewald, Becky, Rob, Kaylene, Mindy Crouse, Deborah Esparza, Brentley3, Matthew the Movie Geek, LaughingMouse, JeremyF, Trevor L, and Dave.

Great job, everyone!  As always, thanks for playing.


Catch Elton’s songs in:

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