Five Reasons I Really Like Anne Hathaway

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The original title of this piece was “Five Reasons Anne Hathaway is my Imaginary Girlfriend,” but that just sounded weird and icky on multiple levels. Plus, I’m getting tired of the restraining orders. And the Taser-ings. And pepper spray.

Anyway, this is kinda “Anne Hathaway Week” at redblog. (Though it’s always “Anne Hathaway Week” in my head…. Ow! Stupid Taser…) With Love & Other Drugs now available for rent, it means you can have a little Annie Marathon with it, Alice in Wonderland, Valentine’s Day and Bride Wars *.

(Read my full review of Love & Other Drugs here.)

So here are my five reasons I like Anne Hathaway:

1. She’s Purty… but Not Too Purty

Let’s be honest, she’s totally my type: long dark hair, tall, insanely big eyes, and completely willing to do nude scenes. (If it serves the script and the character, of course.) She’s going to make a stunningly slinky, sexy Selina Kyle (and probably Catwoman) in The Rise of the Dark Knight. But what makes Hathaway even more physically appealing is that as graceful and elegant and Audrey Hepburn-y as she can appear, she’s equally likely to be gangly and gawkly, kutzy and goofy. (Plus she has a large nose and teeth, but in a lovely “nothing in this world has any business being perfect” way.)

2. She’s All Kinds of Charming and Self-Effacingly Funny

I have no idea what Anne Hathaway’s like in real life (again, the pepper spray, dogs, electrified gates…), but her public persona comes off as likable and self-deprecating, even when navigating through sticky personal-life issues in the tabloids. She does light comedy easily, but most of all Hathaway has the quality–delightfully on display at the Oscars hosting gig–of appearing like “aww shucks, I’m just a silly, fun-loving, down-to-earth, regular gal,” while still having that winking, other-worldly aura of the movie star. (Clooney has the guy version.)

3. She’s a Very Good, Versatile Actress

Mixing doe-eyed vulnerability with gritty tenacity, Hathaway shines in family friendly flicks like The Princess Diaries movies, Ella Enchanted and her loopy, looney work as the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland (not to mention voice work in Hoodwinked and the upcoming Rio). She handles the light romantic comedies The Devil Wears Prada, Valentine’s Day, and Bride Wars and acts in them. (Take for instance her touching engagement scene in Bride Wars). And of course there’s the heavier dramatic work: Brokeback Mountain, Havoc, and best of all her brilliant, Oscar-nominated performance in Rachel Getting Married. One of the things I really like about Love & Other Drugs is it lets showcases that range as Hathaway sashay beautifully between humor, sexy time, romance, and achingly honest drama.

4. She Shares the Same Name as Shakespeare’s Wife

Hathaway seems like a smarty–she attended Vassar as an English major and then NYU, and she quotes Oscar Wilde. And was reportedly excellent in the New York Shakespeare Festival’s Twelfth Night. Of course she hasn’t yet finished her college degree. And supposedly once said her favorite book was Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. But those last two are… um, issues that can be fixed or even overlooked.

5. She’s a Musical-Theater Geek

Twice Hathaway has missed out on opportunities to do big film musicals–she was unable to star in the 2004 film version of Phantom of the Opera due to a Princess Diaries II scheduling conflict, and Tim Burton passed her over for Johanna in his 2007 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. But as is obvious from her Oscar performances with Hugh Jackman in 2009 and then again this year (not to mention covering Queen’s “Somebody to Love” in Ella Enchanted), Hathaway can sing. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time before she gets to do so in a full-blown movie musical.


* A Sad Note About Bride Wars

While I hate to darken my “I Love Anne” parade, I wanted to note that the director of Bride Wars, Gary Winick, passed away last month at the age of 49 after battling a brain tumor. As most of you know, I’m not the world’s biggest rom-com fan, but Winick directed two I enjoy more than most: 13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner and last year’s lovely Letters to Juliet with Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave. And his earlier film Tadpole is an overlooked, slightly twisted coming-of-age gem worth seeking out.


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4 Responses to “Five Reasons I Really Like Anne Hathaway”

  1. Par
    Posted on March 31, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    I like her movies I’ve seen so far. I just haven’t seen them all. I also liked 13 Going On 30, but I’m a RomCom type of person I guess.

    • Currently 5/5 Stars
    Jeremy F.
    Posted on April 1, 2011 at 1:02 am

    Locke, you know im head over heels for Anne as well…im soooooooooo looking forward to her as Selena Kyle…just gonna raise the geekdom in me burst/spill out everywhere…

  2. Trevor L
    Posted on April 1, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Great article, and I concur, I would love to see her in a musical eventually.

  3. john morris
    Posted on April 9, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    Anne would’ve been great in the new “My Fair Lady”..Too bad she didn’t get it. She does have a great singing voice that deserves more attention.
    She is so beautiful in a unusual way…like how ‘real movie stars’ of the past were. I feel that her best roles are still to come.