Academy Award Aftermath

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Oscars-James-Franco-Anne-Hathaway So… how ’bout them Oscars?

As I mentioned over the weekend, I was flying back from Arizona when the 83rd annual Academy Awards telecast kicked off Sunday evening. I arrived home about halfway through the show, and through the magic of DVR technology was able to catch up to real-time events just as the gang from The King’s Speech accepted the final — and biggest — award of the night: Best Picture.  Because I didn’t want to be spoiled on who won what, I stayed offline and was therefore under no influence of popular opinion or jaded Twitter rants. And I still thought the show was awful. (Some are going so far as to crown it the Worst. Oscars. Ever.)

You all know I’ve never been a fan of Anne Hathaway, and her hosting performance proved why — she’s cheesy and annoying. But having said that, I did feel for her in her attempt to overcompensate for a complete and utter lack of personality from one James Franco. I mean, was he stoned? Was he on Ambien?  Was he extremely nervous?  Or was he just OVER it? Half the time it looked like his eyes were closed. The rest of the time he looked as though he wanted to strangle his co-host. I think she “Woooo!!!”ed in his ear one too many times and he just couldn’t take it anymore. But don’t feel too sorry for either of them — I’m sure his upcoming comedy Your Highness will do just fine… and Ms. Hathaway can’t be hurting too much after getting $750,000 to sport Tiffany’s jewelry during the big night.

For me, the best part of the show by far was the out-of-nowhere Auto-Tune montage. I thought it was hilarious — perhaps because it was so totally inconsistent with the rest of the evening’s stodginess.

Rest assured that Hathaway and Franco won’t be asked back. Word is that past hosts Hugh Jackman and Billy Crystal are both interested in taking the gig on once more.

Not everything about Sunday’s show was a bust, however. Ninety-nine of our Movie Awards Game players expertly predicted the winners in all seven of the categories we featured!  (Compare that to the 3,392 players who guessed NO category correctly.)

What did you think about the Academy Awards this year? What was your favorite moment… and what was the most cringe-worthy part?

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One Response to “Academy Award Aftermath”

  1. Michelle
    Posted on March 2, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    I guess I am the oddball. I enjoyed it and thought it was funny. The auto tune was HILARIOUS!! I was rolling at the Twilight one!! I also completley enjoyed Kirk Douglas giving the best supporting actress award. That was absolutly priceless!!