Valentine’s Day Movie Picks for Couples

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When Valentine’s Day rolls around every year, I never fail to get annoyed by the assumption that all couples must surely be looking forward to celebrating the “holiday” in some elaborate way (if at all). Though my husband and I do usually mark the occasion with a nice dinner or other special plans, we don’t get very worked up about it.  I’m not knocking those who go all out, but I’ve just never been a diehard romantic. So instead of recommending five of the sappiest love stories in existence for couples who are considering renting a movie over Valentine’s Day weekend, I’m going to go the more practical route. (And for those of you who truly loathe February 14 and all that it stands for, hang tight — Locke’s swooping in with his Anti-Valentine’s Day picks soon!)

InceptionFor Couples Who Are All Deep and Stuff: Inception

This psychological thriller-slash-action flick from director Christopher Nolan is guaranteed to provide hours of intellectual debate material. If you had the chance to live out your life in a dream world, would you? What kind of dream world would your mind create? What’s real in the first place? And hey, wait a minute... what just happened there at the end?

There’s not a heck of a lot of romance in Inception, though a good chunk of the story revolves around Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s complex relationship with his wife, and what they were trying to achieve together in a shared dream experience.

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Scott Pilgrim vs The WorldFor Couples Who’ve Gone Through A LOT to Be Together: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Going the Distance

If you and your man/woman have had a heck of a time making your relationship work because haters are constantly trying to keep you apart, you’ll feel like you can overcome any obstacle after watching poor Scott Pilgrim risk his life — seven times over — in order to be with his true love, Ramona.

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And then there’s the real-life on-again, off-again couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, who attempt to keep the fires burnin’ even though they’re on opposite coasts.  Any relationship challenge you might be facing will seem teeny-tiny after witnessing what these two have to endure.  I mean, what’s worse than finally getting some time alone with your babe.. and then having your roommate destroy the moment by attempting to DJ your make-out session?

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Date nightFor Couples Who’d Rather Live Vicariously: Date Night

If there’s ever been a movie that justifies spending an evening at home rather than living it up with a night on the town, it’s this one. Because when Tina Fey and Steve Carell hope to spice up their marriage by way of a dinner date at a hip Manhattan restaurant… and instead are nearly being killed by mobsters (or at the very least blinded by the sweaty glint off of Mark Wahlberg’s abs), you’ll be glad you’re snuggling with your honey on the couch in your pajamas.

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Letters to Juliet For the Romantics Who Are Adverse to Excess Cheese: Letters to Juliet

As Locke observed in his review, what saves this Shakespeare-inspired story from becoming too sappy is the magnificent Vanessa Redgrave. Amanda Seyfried seeks her out when she finds a decades-old misplaced love letter and just has to know what became of its author. Did she ever find her “Romeo”?

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Valentine's Day MovieFor Those Who Enjoy the Obvious: Valentine’s Day


But seriously, I was pleasantly surprised by this star-studded love note to Cupid’s favorite holiday, and I bet you will be too.  Plus, you can’t beat it in terms of eye candy for both men and women!

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There you have it!

What are you planning to rent over Valentine’s Day weekend? Are there any redbox movies that are especially couple-worthy that I neglected to mention?

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