The Roommate Moves into the Top Spot at the Box Office

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1) The Roommate — $15.6 million

Theater attendance remains down this winter, as Single White Female: The College Years limped to the top of  a weaker-than-usual Super Bowl weekend box office. The Roommate wasn’t screened for critics, and frankly I just couldn’t bring myself to get out and see it–clearly I’m not part of its target audience. (That said, I’m sure it’s just a marvelous film.) In fact attendance at The Roommate was 65% female and 61% under 21.

2) Sanctum — $9.2 million

The macho underwater cave-diving flick did poorly for 3D–ironic, as it was produced and presented by Mr. James Cameron, the man who almost single-handedly kick-started the current 3D craze. Part of it was because the Super Bowl cut into the movie’s intended audience. But it was also hurt by an odd audience-limiting R-rating when the language could have easily been trimmed, and the violence and death was no worse than in most PG-13 action movies.

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3) No Strings Attached — $8.4 million

Good word of mouth is keeping the rom-com rolling along nicely–it passed the $50 million total mark this weekend. Maybe that’s small box-office potatoes for James Cameron, but it’s not bad at all for a film that cost $25 million to make.

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4) The King’s Speech — $8.3 million

Even more impressive is what the Academy Awards front runner has been doing: Racking up $84 million (on a $15 million budget) to go with those 12 Oscar noms.

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5) The Green Hornet — $6.1 million

The kicky, quirky crime-fighting romp has also been hanging in there for the past month, still in the top five even as other new releases have come and gone.

Speaking of coming and going, last weekend’s number one, The Rite, took a big tumble in its second weekend, falling 62% and out of the top five. The rest of the top ten included The Mechanic, True GritThe DilemmaBlack SwanThe Fighter and Yogi Bear.

This Coming Weekend

If you thought Super Bowl weekend was all about young women heading out to see The Roommate, just wait until Friday.

Yep, Bieber Fever (or whatever the ailment is called) hits the big screen with the heavily promoted documentary Never Say Never. For families there’s Gnomeo and Juliet, and older theatergoers can choose between big-star rom-com (Sandler and Aniston in Just Go with It) and Roman action with Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell in The Eagle.

That, plus The Roommate and Sanctum, puts a lot of demographic and genre moving parts into play for the coming weekend box office, but as we all know, teenage girls are not to be trifled with. I say Never Say Never takes the top spot, with Just Go with It in second and The Eagle in third.

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