Meet the Redbox Movie Awards Game Master, Raul!

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When we realized that someone had swept BOTH the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Golden Globes in the redbox Movie Awards Game on Facebook, we just had to find out more about this him. So here he is, the master of movie-award predictions, Raul!

Age: 22
Location: Salem, Oregon
Occupation: Videographer

How did you hear about the redbox movie awards game?

I love redbox (who doesn’t?) and so I “liked” its page on Facebook, and as I was exploring the page I came across the game. Little things like quick games and polls — especially those involving movies — always get my attention. I played the game just for fun. I had absolutely no idea it would lead to me being asked to be a part of redbox’s blog. I’m truly flattered.

So there are MANY inquiring minds that want to know what your strategy was for making your award picks. Do tell!

I took into consideration the films I’ve personally seen, as well as the awards being handed out before the award shows mentioned in the redbox game. And there’s also the fine art of comparing hype.

Were you surprised when you ended up sweeping the Critics’ Choice and Golden Globe wins?

I was! Stunned, really. I even posted the scores on my Facebook page with pride.

What’s your Academy Award winner-picking strategy going to be?

Of all the award shows, I think the Academy Awards are always the toughest to predict. It’s probably the most politically motivated one of all, so there’s much more going on than just choosing between great films and performances. If you would have asked about a month ago, I would have felt comfortable using the same strategy I used for the other award shows. But with The King’s Speech shocking me with its motion picture guild wins recently, I want to change it to more of a strategy of hope. I want to see The Social Network win Best Picture and Best Director (and that’s what I predicted in the Award Show Game before The King’s Speech‘s major wins at the PGA, DGA, and SAG Awards), but it seems as though The King’s Speech may take the top categories. It has taken the momentum from The Social Network.

However, I’m still hopeful the relevant and enthralling Social Network will take both Best Picture and Best Director categories. Those are really the only two categories I feel are really still up for grabs, though this battle is just between The Social Network and The King’s Speech.

How many of the nominated movies have you actually seen? In the Best Picture category or total nominees?

In the Best Picture slot, about half so far. Watching movies in theaters gets expensive, and so I usually wait for films to release on DVD (unless I really want to see a movie) and rent them from redbox; it’s more affordable and convenient.

pan's labyrinthDo you normally watch a lot of movies each week?

I do, but I usually rewatch films each week. It’s not until I see a movie multiple times that I figure out just how much I love it or not. A mark of a great movie is one whose quality holds up even after multiple viewings. I still tear up at the end of The Green Mile; I continue to feel uplifted watching The Shawshank Redemption; I’m always at a loss for words after I see Requiem For a Dream, and I’m captivated every time I pop Pan’s Labyrinth in my DVD player. I try to see at least one or two new movies every week in addition to rewatching favorites.

What was your favorite movie in 2010?

Inception. Blew me away. I don’t see many movies in theaters, but I saw this one in theaters twice. I then proceeded to buy the soundtrack, and soon after bought the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy triple-pack. I’ve seen the movie over 6 times already. The Social Network is a close second-favorite.

What is your favorite movie of all time?

I would like to say Inception — that’s how much I love the film. Christopher Nolan being snubbed from the Best Director category for this year’s Academy Awards is a shame (though it doesn’t hurt as much as when The Dark Knight was snubbed in the major categories in 2009). There really aren’t many directors who could have pulled off a film like that. But I can already see the eyes rolling at my choosing a new film as an all-time favorite, so I’ll choose a favorite film of mine that has already stood the test of time: Pulp Fiction. A film that on the surface may seem mindlessly violent is actually one of the greatest films ever, in my opinion. It changed the way many movies are made and continues to inspire copycats that will unfortunately never reach the level of genius that is Pulp Fiction. A perfect cast, a brilliant and witty script, and its thought-provoking themes of how the simple choices we make in life could change us for the better or destroy us, continue to resonate with me.

Raul, it was wonderful chatting with you. We’re all so impressed with your award-predicting skills and can’t wait to see how your picks fare at the Oscars!

Think you can beat Raul (or Locke… or me… or Entertainment Weekly… or Richard Roeper) at the Movie Awards Game?

Then take a stand and enter your picks now!

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  1. Joyhorror
    Posted on February 12, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    I’m in complete agreement on Pulp Fiction being … THE BEST