Hall Pass Undone by Gnomes… Gnomes, I Say!

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1) Gnomeo and Juliet — $14.2 million

That’s the trouble with gnomes–they’re sneaky. In a stunning victory for yard ornaments everywhere, the gnomes clawed (or whatever it is gnomes do) their way into the number-one spot for the first time in the film’s three weekends of release. (That sort of come from behind trick was also pulled off by True Grit and The Blind Side.) Gnomeo has raked in (no lawn pun intended) a nifty $75 million so far.

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2) Hall Pass — $13.4 million

The first Farrelly Brothers raunch-com in four years did all right Friday (though overall box-office is still sluggish this weekend, continuing a winter-long trend), but the gnomes overtook it as families poured into the Cineplexes on Saturday and Sunday.

3) Unknown — $12.4 million

I thought Unknown might hang in stronger on its second weekend if decent word of mouth spread among Taken fans of Liam Neeson. But its 43% drop from its debut last week isn’t dire–it’s made $43 million so far domestically on a $30 million budget, should do very well overseas thanks to its Berlin setting as well as international actors Neeson and co-star Diane Kruger.

4) Just Go With It – $11.1 million

The Sandler-Aniston rom-com has performed okay at the box office in its three weeks of release, but it’s only just earning back its budget domestically. Not a flop, but not a huge box-office success either.

5) I Am Number Four — $11 million

The teen-geared sci-fi action-romance is just doing adequately at the box office–it may eventually earn back its $60 million budget domestically, and might do okay on home video, but right now signs don’t look great for any sort of Twilight-style youth franchise.

9) Drive Angry — $5.1 million

Even with the extra 3D turbo boost, the weekend’s only other new wide release didn’t exactly roar off the starting line–in fact it came in ninth. But that’s understandable–this R-rated, blood-and-guts, over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek exploitation ride was never going to draw in the families and date-nighters. I still had a fun with it and assume it will pick up a twisted little drive-in cult following when it hits home video. Plus you know, Cage… hair… muscle cars…

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The rest of the top ten included Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in sixth place; The King’s Speech in seventh (obviously look for it to jump up a few notches and add on some bucks thanks to its Academy Award win last night–plus a possible PG-13-rated version could hit theaters soon); Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son in eighth; and The Roommate in tenth.

This Coming Weekend

We’ve got another “four-fer” this Friday: The new wide releases are the animated Rango with Johnny Depp, the fantasy Beauty and the Beast romance Beastly (starring Vanessa Hudgens and I Am Number Four‘s Alex Pettyfer), sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, and the ’80s comedy Take Me Home Tonight with Topher Grace.

My predictanator has gone plumb screwy on me this winter (I had Unknown edging out Hall Pass this week, and I never saw the gnomes coming), but I think I can get some traction back with a Rango pick. Gnomeo has the families back in theater-going mode, Depp’s always a big draw, and all the new competition has been sitting on the shelf a while. Now watch the Twi-hard fantasy romance gang turn out and push Beastly up there just to thwart me.

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  1. Fiirvoen
    Posted on February 28, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    I’m pretty sure that alright is not a word. It’s supposed to be spelled all right. Already is a word and so is altogether, but alright is not.

    As for the movies, I would have liked to have seen reviews of Hall Pass, Just Go With It and I Am Number Four.