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Friday I attended the Critics’ Choice Awards in Hollywood, as part of redbox’s partnership with VH1. You can see my report from the red carpet here.

Once all the stars had run past us on the red carpet as fast as they could, we media folk then went into the press room (or more accurately, “press tent”) where, after standing out on the carpet for a few hours, most of us pounced on the food table.

Eventually almost all the winners of the major CCMA awards came by the press room. They hit the small stage, a herd of photographers snap pics for a minute or so (“To your left, Natalie!” “To your right, Christian!” “Hold up your award, Emma!”), and then the winner takes a few questions from the press.

You can see a list of all the winners of the Critics’ Choice Awards (as selected by the Broadcast Film Critics Association) here.

Here are some highlights from the CCMA press room Friday night:

(All photos are courtesy of VH1 and credited to Piotr Sikora)

Hailee Stanfield, True Grit, winner for Best Young Actor/Actress

“Jeff Bridges is just the greatest guy you’ll ever meet. He and Matt Damon and everyone helped and encouraged me every step of the way, he’s just incredible. He told me to not take anything too seriously and just have fun with it, and he’s the perfect example of that.”

Christian Bale, The Fighter, winner for Best Supporting Actor

How did the physical transformation and weight loss for playing Dickie Eklund compare to what you did for The Machinist?

“Well Dickie’s not like any other character on the planet. But the physical stuff is just a way of getting to it. He’s something else, a character, love him to bits, we’re good friends now. He’s just phenomenal. I have the utmost respect for boxers now because I used to be one of those idiots who sat on the side and yelled “Come on, hit him, hit him!” But it’s so tiring, so exhausting.”

What do you do to relax?

“Getting on a motorcycle is something I truly love, but there’s nothing like hanging out with your daughter. Making movies takes so much time and it ain’t just the time you film it, the character is there long before the first day of shooting. So my wife’s had to be married to so many different characters over the course of our marriage, and some women might say ‘great, variety is the spice of life.’ It truly would be impossible with out here, I owe everything do her.”

Steven Spielberg, producer The Pacific, winner Best Picture Made For Television

Major Dick Winters [the real-life subject of Band of Brothers] passed away last week. Was he on your mind tonight?

“He’s on all of our minds. You could never really praise Dick—he really wanted to stand in the background and just wanted people to remember the war and the sacrifices that those boys went through. But he was always very reluctant to take center stand, and fortunately there is now a document of what he and others did.”

Davis Guggenhiem, director of Waiting for Superman, winner for Best Documentary Feature

We didn’t think we were experts who could solve this issue of America’s public schools, but we felt we could wake people up to it. And winning this award brings a lot of exposure—it’s not the sexiest issue, public education. But the conversation has changed – we’re seeing leaders talking about reforming tenure, merit pay, how to evaluate teachers. And just a general awareness that we are in crisis.

Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3, winner for Best Animated Feature

“While we were making the movie we thought we had no chance of winning any awards at all—movies with a three in the title just don’t end up on red carpets. The biggest challenge was not completely screwing it up. I didn’t want to go down in history as the guy who messed up the Toy Story trilogy. A lot of the kids who loved Toy Story are grown up and it’s a big part of their childhood, and we just didn’t want to disappoint anyone.”

Quentin Tarantino, recipient of The Music+Film Award

What’s one song you’ve always wanted to use in a movie, but haven’t yet?

“I’m not going to tell you! Someone else will use it!”

How will you go on without Sally Menke? (Tarantino’s long-time editor died last fall.)

“I will go on, but how, I can’t answer. I haven’t gone there, I can’t go there yet. I’ll find somebody and move on, but I haven’t started that process.”

Melissa Leo, The Fighter, winner Best Supporting Actress

Did you talk to the real Alice Ward?

“She wasn’t one of the Ward-Eklunds who were around the set as much – there were so many of them around all the time. But it was very valuable to me the way she shared herself with me. I visited her in the hospital in Lowell last week, where she’s in a very fragile condition.”

“I get an opportunity in my career to walk in other women’s shoes, to examine them so closely, find out what their motives are, it teaches me in the end to be a better person. I’ve learned something from everyone I’ve every played.”

How is it to work with Christian Bale?

“Shooting that scene with Christian in the car, where we start singing “I Started a Joke,” the light was falling, we weren’t even sure we could get the rights to use that song, and we go ahead and shoot with one take on each side, and you grab it. That’s a beautiful way to work.”

David Seidler, writer of The King’s Speech, winner of Best Original Screenplay

“When I started to think about writing the screenplay 30 years ago, I found Lionel’s son’s notebooks about his father treating the King, but he had a note saying he must get the permission of the Queen Mother first. So being a good Englishman I wrote to the Queen Mother and she replied “Please Mr Seidler, not during my lifetime. The memory of those events is still too painful.” And I thought, all right, how long would I have to wait? She’s an elderly lady. Twenty-five years later at 101 she left this realm.”

Matt Damon, recipient of The Joel Siegel Award for humanitarian efforts

“ is about ideas and innovations, such as using water credits. It’s really ridiculous that millions of people and children are dying each year from cholera, typhoid, dysentery. I see when these things are implemented, and the effect they have. If something is working, people will get involved.”

Will there ever be a fourth Bourne film?

“I hope it’s going to happen, it’s really up to Paul Greengrass, the director – I always said I wouldn’t do it without him. We just want to make sure if we do it, that we do it right. I think Paul will be open to it.”

The Social Network, winner of Best Picture

Jesse, how has your life changed since this film came out?

Armie Hammer: “Better suits!”

Jesse Eisenberg: “It’s just an overwhelming experience to be involved with something that’s been received so wonderfully.”

The Fighter, winner of Best Ensemble Cast

Jack McGee: “I’ve been around this racket a long time and seen a lot of guys do a lot of stuff, but never with the commitment and the stuff this Christian Bale’s got. He’s a terrific guy and I got a big ol’ crush on him.”

Colin Firth, The King’s Speech, winner of Best Actor

“I knew nothing about this man, everything on this movie was new to me. I don’t do much work to give lessons or offer messages, I do it for the exploration and to share whatever I find. I just discovered a story of quiet dignity and fear set against a very broad stage, a massive backdrop.”

Have you ever had stage fright?

“How long have we got? In theater they count you down, and you get that first massive rush of fear. And that’s it, ready or not. Absolutely blind, paralyzing terror.”

Natalie Portman, The Black Swan, winner of Best Actress

How does being an actress compare to being a ballerina?

“One of the interesting things is that because I started so young acting, you get used to seeing yourself out of your body, and I think dancers have that a lot with all the mirrors. They’re used to seeing the reflection of themselves rather than being themselves. I think that happens with my character, she sees herself out of body in her life. I think it’s a struggle as an actor for me when you’re so aware of what you look like or seem like to other people.”


So that wraps up redblog’s Critics’ Choice Awards coverage–but be sure to head over to the redbox’s Awards Show page to pick who you think will win at tonight’s Golden Globes and the Academy Awards and see how you did against your friends and us.

I want to thank redbox for sending me out to LA for this, and especially thank Nancy Ratner at VH1 who was so helpful in making my first-ever awards show and red carpet experience go so smoothly and end up being so much fun!


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