Redblog Live at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

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This year redbox is partnering with VH1 to promote the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, which air live tonight on VH1. Which means I’m on my way to LA and Hollywood this very moment in order to bring you live coverage from the CCMA red carpet as well as the Awards themselves.

It’s going to be a “first” for me. No, not the first time I’ve ridden on the big silver flying bird, and not my first time in LA or Hollywood, but it will be my first time covering a red carpet. (And one of the few times I’ve worn a suit and tie when someone wasn’t getting married or buried.)

The CCMAs are put on by the Broadcast Film Critics Association, which is made up of American and Canadian film critics from TV, radio, and online video sites. The BFCA’s been around since 1995 and is the largest critics association in North America.

Black Swan leads the Critics’ Choice award nominations with 12 nods. (True Grit and The King’s Speech each had 11, Inception got 10 noms, and The Social Network nabbed 9. What’s fun is the CCMAs also give out awards for Best Action Movie and Best Comedy. (This year’s nominees include Kick-Ass, RED, Unstoppable, Date Night, Easy A, Get Him to the Greek, and The Other Guys.) You can see all this year’s nominees here.

This year’s show’s presenters include Jon Hamm, Julianne Moore, Josh Brolin, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, and more. Get more details about the VH1 broadcast here.

And don’t forget, you can match Awards-Picking wits with Erika and me over at redbox’s Awards Show page.  Choose who you think will win at the CCMAs, the Golden Globes, and the Academy Awards and see how you did against your friends and us.

(If you need some Becky HomeEcky tips on how to host a great Movie Awards Party in your own living room, be sure to check out Betsey’s Awards Season = Party Time blog post.)

So what am I going to be upto in the middle of all this tonight? If all goes to plan, I’ll be on the red carpet around 6 pm Central Time. Will I actually manage to tackle and talk to anyone? Hope so! (If not, redbox is flying me all the way out to LA just to watch the Packers’ playoff game on Saturday.)

But here’s what we hope will be going down:

The most immediate coverage will be over on Twitter. I’ll try to live-tweet comments and maybe some grainy cell-phone pics before and during the red carpet. You’ll be able to follow those over at redbox’s Twitter page. (Don’t worry if you’re not already part of Twitter Nation–you can follow my Tweets from that page without signing up for a Twitter account. And if you’re on the Twitter, you should already be following @redbox!)

After the red carpet, I’ll move inside to the press room and should have more time to send some Tweets your way on the Awards themselves and press-conference Q&As with the winners.

When the CCMAs are over, I’ll crawl back to my hotel and pass out from nervous exhaustion.

But on Saturday, I’ll back up and at ‘em with full redblog reports on both the red carpet and the Awards Show itself, so be sure to check back here Saturday afternoon for more coverage!

Got all that?


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  1. Jennifer Sci Fi Friend
    Posted on January 15, 2011 at 10:48 am

    Ok, its Saturday! Where are all the posts????

    I am so bummed I did not know of this sooner?!?!? Next time RedBox needs to do an email blast or something.