Tangled Almost Upsets Potter at Box Office… But Not Quite

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1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 $50.3 million (3-day weekend) / $76.3  million (5-day holiday) — Despite a 60% drop from last weekend’s opening, Potter remained strong enough to fend off a surprising challenge from Disney’s Tangled. The long holiday weekend brought the seventh film in the franchise’s total haul to $220 million after just 10 days. That ringing sound you hear is Warner Brothers calling J.K. Rowlings: “Hey, what if Harry has a son: maybe Harry Potter Jr.? And he could have magical adventures and stuff…”

2) Tangled – $49.1 million (3-day) / $69 million (5-day) — The happiest surprise of the weekend was for Disney, which finally seems to have a non-Pixar animated hit on its hands. Tangled‘s mixture of classic fairytale musical magic and Shrek-style sass and action-adventure proved lucrative, earning double what Princess and the Frog did last year on its wide opening weekend. (Of course Tangled has 3D ticket prices.) Good word of mouth should keep things flowing along nicely.

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3) Megamind – $12.91 million / $17.6 million — The numbers drop off sharply after those top two spots, but on its fourth weekend in release Megamind continues to do well, officially earning back its budget domestically.

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4) Burlesque — $11.8 million / $17.2 million — One of the bigger disappointments was that this sassy, sizzling (and yeah, sometimes skanky) glitterizing of the Old Show-Biz Tale didn’t do better on its opening, despite the much-hyped meeting of Cher and Christina. As I said in my review, if you can swallow the cornball cliches, the movie’s plenty of solid fun. We’ll see if enough people agree to spread a little decent word of mouth.

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5) Unstoppable — $11.8 million / $16.1 million — Still chugging along steadily, but with $60 million total domestically over three weekends, matching its $100 million budget remains a ways off. Though as I’ve said before, foreign and video sales should keep Unstoppable on track and in the black for the long run.

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6) Love and Other Drugs — $9.9 million / $14 million — Another new-release disappointment as adult audiences steered clear of this R-rated rom-dramedy. It’s too bad — while the emotionally ambitious film has its shortcomings, its two sexy stars, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, are definitely not among them.

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7) Faster – $8.7 million / $12.2 million — For what it wants to be and what it is, this gritty R-rated vengeance flick starring Dwayne Johnson might be the best of the week’s new releases. (Okay, maybe second to Tangled.) Like the other non-Tangled new releases of the weekend, it got lost under all the Potter, but the tight, tough little flick should please its target audience once they find it (in theaters or on DVD). Plus, with a budget of just $24 million, Faster doesn’t have very far to go to be profitable.

The rest of the top ten included Due Date, The Next Three Days, and Morning Glory.

This Coming Weekend

I screwed up last week, completely forgetting Tangled in my weekend preview. D’oh. Obviously my un-Tangled prediction of a race between Burlesque and Potter was wildly off base. But this coming weekend brings pretty much the same line up–the only new films opening halfway wide are The Warrior’s Way, playing in 1,500 theaters (compared to the 2,500-4,000 that all the other wide releases are in) and The Nutcracker 3D which expands wider. So the only question is whether Tangled can actually knock Harry Potter off his top perch the second time around. I say yep–what do you folks think?

3 Responses to “Tangled Almost Upsets Potter at Box Office… But Not Quite”

  1. Teddy
    Posted on November 29, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Went to see Harry Potter this past Saturday and was surprised by a full house. Did not move from my seat the whole time — very good!

  2. Siri
    Posted on December 4, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    I watched the Harry Potter Movie yesterday (Friday) and the place had 9 people in it. My husband is watching the movie currently and said that the place was nowhere near packed. However, both of us are really happy that this movie at least lives up to the book and was not crazily out of whack like the Half Blood Prince.