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Recommended Smaller, Overlooked or Underrated Movies in the Redbox Kiosks

Temple Grandin DVDTemple Grandin

Fresh off a ton of Emmy wins (including awards for outstanding made for TV movie and lead actress) comes this biopic about an autistic woman who, despite being born at a time when autism was treated with life-long institutionalization, went on to earn several advanced degrees and revolutionize livestock treatment. Claire Danes is a terrific force of nature as Grandin, her eccentric exuberance overwhelming the usual (and still present) character cliches. The film also does an admirable job of visualizing how Grandin sees, hears, and understands the world.

Who is Clark Rockefeller? DVDWho is Clark Rockefeller?

Yes, it’s a Lifetime TV movie that could have been titled A Fake Rockefeller Stole My Daughter!, but as things progress you’re drawn deeper into the who’s and why’s of this increasingly dark true-life tale of deception and self-delusion. Erik McCormack (Will & Grace) displays skittery charm as the title’s pathological liar, Sheri Stringfield (NYPD Blue, E.R.) is the woman he cons into loving him, and Regina Taylor (The Unit) is the FBI agent sorting it all out. (Plus it’s directed by Mikael Salomon, who also helmed the final “Points” episode of Band of Brothers–one of the finer hours on television.)

Team America: World Police DVDTeam America: World Police

I was originally so-so on Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s 2004 strings-attached satire–I didn’t feel it measured up to their brilliant Southpark: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. But today I fully appreciate its manic (very-R-rated) vulgarity, puppet silliness, and school-yard political analysis. Not to mention those note-perfect musical send ups of every heroic Top Gun rah-rah epic. The anti-actor rants still feel both accurate and childish, but in addition to being ridiculously funny (and hilariously ridiculous), the film kinda acts as a social-political time capsule from the peak of the post-9-11, Iraq-invasion decade.

The Ghost Writer DVDThe Ghost Writer

I’m surprised how this film has stuck with me over the weeks and months–I finding myself thinking back to its perfectly crafted tone. As I said last month, it’s “a slowly unfolding mystery, chilly and wind-swept gray,” that “carefully and masterfully stirs up dark secrets at the intersection of politics and publishing… Unease slowly coagulate[s] into tension and then tension build[s] to suspense, right down to the final… shot.”

She's Out of My League DVDShe’s Out of My League

About once a year there comes along a raunchy comedy that maybe doesn’t work perfectly as whole, but that I keep re-watching whenever I need a giggle. (Hellooo, Saving Silverman!) League ultimately succeeds not so much as a rom-com, but instead as a showcase for both its leads (the irresistably likable Jay Baruchel and winning Alice Eve) and its hilarious supporting cast of dirty minded dim bulbs.

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2 Responses to “Locke’s Redbox Picks of the Week”

  1. Stephen O'Curran
    Posted on September 19, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    gees…Pretty bad month for REDBOX ,If this is the only recommended movies guess I’ll be getting more reading finished up ! Please don’t say these are the best that would add insult to injury.

  2. Locke Peterseim
    Locke Peterseim
    Posted on September 19, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Stephen, no these are not the “best” titles or my favorites in the redbox kiosks, or even the best this week or month — I write a lot of reviews every week for films I really like, or even kind of like. These Picks are intended to point out some other titles that might have slipped by people, some are new releases, some are from months past — hence the title “overlooked and underrated.” And I put one of these lists up about every other week.