We Met at the (Red)box

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Tuesday’s new release, Our Family Wedding, has Chris and me thinking about marriage. Last week we heard about a couple that met on a blind date 27 years ago at the Wisconsin State Fair. They’ve been married now for the past 25, which is a long time when you consider that Chris and I are celebrating one measly year this Sunday. We do share one thing in common with the state fair couple, however – we also met somewhere interesting.

Three years ago on a summery San Francisco night, I was at the local park watching Sixteen Candles with a group of friends. Annoyed by everyone pressuring me to try online dating, I told my friend Colleen that I was a “meet ‘em in person kinda girl.” As we waited in line for the Porta Potty, we started chatting with the two guys behind us in line. One of the guys had the craziest hair I’d ever seen (think Greg Brady times 12) and was in no way my type. I gave him my email, thinking we’d never talk again.

We’re now married.

Meeting at a fair, meeting at a Porta Potty… pretty cool. But what about meeting at a redbox?  Can you think of a more cinematic way to find your soul mate? Imagine:


YOU, an incredibly hot, captivating redbox fan, standing in front of a kiosk, debating between The Ghost Writer and Kick-Ass when, off in the distance, an equally attractive, mysterious guy/girl (your choice) approaches, ready to return a copy of The Hangover.

I’m almost done. Sorry it’s taking me so long.

No worries. I’m just returning.

Do you come here often?

I will now.

Bam! Love connection over a dollar rental. Can it get any cooler than that?

That’s way better than saying, “We met on Facebook.”

So let us know… have you ever met someone at a redbox? If so, what’s your best pickup line?

One Response to “We Met at the (Red)box”

  1. RedBox CSR
    Posted on August 17, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    ME: Oh… I love that movie. [Enter whatever chick flick she's about to rent here] is a great movie. I was just gonna rent it, too and watch it… ALONE.. Cue puppy dog eyes!

    SEXY STRANGER: Awww… Hey I was gonna watch alone with my cat/dog! Why don’t you come along and save a buck!?

    ME: Thanks RedBox! ;)