State Fair: The Movie

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Indiana State Fair MidwayBefore this past week, my experience with Indiana could be summed up by:

  • A stay at an Amish farm during a Walk Across America project.
  • A drive-by last summer during our Wedding Road Trip.
  • My favorite inspirational movie, Rudy.
  • My second-favorite inspirational movie, Hoosiers.

Yes. I love Rudy. How can you not love Rudy? The part where he goes to the mailbox, only to find out that he’s rejected from the Notre Dame football team once again, makes me tear up every single time. Go Rudy! You can do it!

So if I’d just gone on my prior experiences, my opinion of Indiana would have been summed up with five words: football, basketball, Amish, freeways, farms.

Now, after spending a week at the Indiana State Fair, I’m ready to write my own screenplay lauding the virtues of the Hoosier State.

Title: Hoosier Hospitality

Logline: Two jaded Californians spend a week at the Indiana State Fair and learn that life has more to offer than Facebook updates and Miller Lite.


The Blind Side‘s SANDRA BULLOCK, as “The Fair Director”– a vivacious, knowledgeable woman with unparalleled passion for all things fair.

Leap Year‘s AMY ADAMS, as the “Indiana State Fair Queen”– a sweet, virtuous girl with a heart of gold who can milk a cow like a pro and ride a donkey like a jockey.

The New Daughter‘s KEVIN COSTNER, as “The Bodyguard”– a smart, personable man, focused on protecting the State Fair Queen from rowdy fair-goers.

The Invention of Lying‘s CHRISTOPHER GUEST, as “The Master of Ceremonies”– a sweet, quirky man who volunteers at the fair as the State Fair Queen Pageant MC. In his free time, he likes to perfect his patent-pending State Fair Queen Picker. So far, he’s never been wrong.

Eat Pray Love‘s JULIA ROBERTS, as “The Event Planner”– a former State Fair pageant queen with a bubbly personality and all the salacious inside scoop.

Now that we’re moving on to the Kentucky State Fair, I find myself wondering if I’ve always based my initial impressions of places on what I’ve seen in the movies. Will our road trip into Louisville feel like an extended version of Elizabethtown? Will the General Lee appear, a la The Dukes of Hazzard?

Curious… have you ever based your impressions of a location solely on a movie? Did you watch Eat Pray Love and decide that Italy is all about fattening yourself up with boatloads of pasta?

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