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Time to meet another Reader Who Rocks On Wit’ His Bad Self!

Today we’re talking to Mathew F, who’s been leaving insightful comments here on redblog since the spring. During our interview he continued to put a lot of thought into his opinions about movies, so we think you’ll enjoy getting to know him a bit better. Without further ado…

Name:  Mathew Farris

Posts as (username): matphoto

Age: 23

Location: Richmond, VA

Occupation: Photography / Web Design

Welcome Mat with one t!  So tell us, when did you start using redbox, how did you find out about us, and how close is the redbox you usually go to?

An old boss mentioned it to me years ago, but I didn’t begin using redbox until a few months ago when they started springing up in my area.  I usually go to the one at the grocery a few blocks away.

What kind of experience do you like or hope to have when you watch a movie?

I want to get lost in the movie like everyone else.  What does it for me are things like slow-tracking wide-angle shots, aerial shots, and anything visually artistic.  I guess to be honest I really just want to see some great cinematography that lets me experience a new place, and if a good story is weaved into all of that it’s ideal.  An amazing musical score is also important, like the one in Gladiator.  While a bit overused, I also don’t mind the shaky hand-held style of shooting; especially when the cameraman is brought into the narrative, as in District 9 (which in itself is a pretty good example of what I’d like to see more of.)

What would you like to see less of on the big screen?

I’d actually like to see a lot less cuts in movies.  I understand that having a lot of quick cuts give directors and editors more freedom and allow us to be close to the action and see facial expressions and whatnot, but I’d love to see more directors take the harder route, getting the message across in one long take as opposed to 10 short ones.  Pull it off on location in one big chunk, forcing more meticulous planning and camerawork and forcing the actors to really interact with each other and their surroundings throughout the full take, instead of just capturing little expressions and motions separately to edit together later.  Granted splicing a bunch of cuts together can be done very successfully and fluidly, but I think most movies would be much more enjoyable and believable if they consisted of longer, more carefully devised takes and the camera didn’t cut to the star’s face every 5 seconds.

That’s a very interesting argument you make there, Mat!  Directors, helloooooo… are you listening?  We hope so.  OK, so now tell us what determines whether you want to see a movie in the first place?

I definitely go by reviews and word of mouth, but in the end there are some types of movies that I’ll see no matter what just based on the subject and trailers.  10,000 BC was one of those movies, and while it wasn’t very good I’d still take it over An Education, which I saw based solely on this site’s review, and just wasn’t my type of movie (no offense!).  I’ve also read about some great movies here (Moon, The Crazies) and watched them when I wouldn’t have otherwise.  So I guess I should listen to other opinions but not stray too far from my own, somewhat dry taste in movies.

Have you ever run into any movie stars in the past?  Or are there any other types of particularly cool movie-related experiences that you’d like to share?

I got to meet Charles Barkley and he was in Space Jam and a bunch of Taco Bell commercials, does that count?  I don’t think I’ve ever come across a shoot or anything, even though historic Jamestown is close to Newport News where I grew up.  It’s ironically dubbed Bad Newz, but over here we make the headlines for the Michael Vicks, not the Lindsay Lohans.

What five movies would you want on a deserted island, and why?

I’d go with my 5 favorite movies that I haven’t seen yet, for replay value:

The Shawshank Redemption – I was surprised to see that the #1 movie on IMDB wasn’t made before my parents were born, so it might be interesting.  It also sounds like it could be a good one for being stranded on an island.

The Terminator 1 and 2 – I always just assumed they were bad, old action movies, which may turn out to be true, but apparently their director is pretty good.

Food, Inc – After seeing this I might not even want to go back home, or at the very least I’d feel pretty content about scavenging for fish and coconuts.

Man on Wire – Just sounds ridiculous.

That’s great that you chose to bring along films you haven’t actually seen.  You are wise beyond your years, young Jedi.  So we’re excited to learn who gets the honor of being your favorite movie hero… and villain?

It may just be fresh in my mind, but I’m going to have to say Jake Sully and the Colonel in Avatar.  I think if more people were put in a situation, as Jake was, in which they had to learn to appreciate nature, then they would start to defend it too.  I’ve read articles that ridicule Avatar’s position on that topic, but Hollywood-esque or not, I think it’s very accurate.  No matter how you spin it, in the end it all just comes down to green leaves and green paper — which one is more real?

Whos your favorite actor and why?

I’d say Woody Harrelson.  I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve seen him in, and I definitely look up to him as a person.

And now of course we must ask: Who
s your favorite actress and why?

That would probably be Ellen Page.  She’s pretty down-to-earth, pretty good at acting, and just plain pretty.

Any TV actor or actress you’d like to see on the big screen?

I always thought Glenn Morshower was good in 24, so I’d like see him get some large movie roles.

Agent Aaron!  We’ve always liked him, too.  He will be appearing in Transformers 3, so that’s a pretty big score.  Speaking of 3s, what do you think about the new trend of 3D films?

It seems to be catching on, so I’m sure it’s here to stay.  I’ve only seen Avatar in 3D, and while it was great for that type of movie on a first viewing, when I rewatch movies I like to pay attention to little details and background landscapes, so I could see 3D hindering that since it really plays up the depth of field, assuming that you’re focusing on the main subject.  Therefore I hope it remains a novelty for the theater and doesn’t become the next consumer craze.  I’m also not at all keen on this glasses-free technology that’s in development.  I really don’t want ads popping out at me more than they try to do already.

Good point.  Just a few more questions for you: Can you think of any movie scenes/sequences that always stand out in your mind?

The Bill Murray cameo in Zombieland always makes me laugh, especially when he dies, and the end of The Cove always puts a knot in my throat.  The earth needs more people like Rick O’Barry.

To go with something a little older, the dam scene in The Fugitive is always great.  “I didn’t kill my wife!”  “I don’t care…” – Jumps.

And last but not least, what future movies are you really looking forward to?

Whatever the 300 team comes up with next – I think that stylized approach with its simple, uncluttered visuals on shallow sets would have fit the current state of 3D technology perfectly.  Its re-release may even do very well, but in any case, the next movie in that series will probably be a must-see in 3D format.

Zombieland 2 – Though I hope they keep it fresh and fun and don’t let the character bonding get too sappy.

Cameron’s next big film. This is my official inquiry of him to make a trilogy based on the Dinotopia books.  I spent countless hours entranced by those as a kid and the abundance of richly detailed illustrations are just begging for a big-budget film adaptation.  Otherwise I’d look for him not only to take on another new IP, but shake up the formula a little too.

Well, Mat, we hope ol’ JC hears your plea, because we think that’s a great idea, too.  Thank you so much for not only continuing to leave great comments here on redblog, but also for taking the time to chat with us.  Keep on rockin’!

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