The Freeze Frame Answers

by | May 31st, 2010 | 9:35AM | Filed under: Quizzes, Contests & Polls

First and foremost, Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekends, and taking a moment to pay their respects to the brave men and women who’ve died for our great country.

I figured that we’d have pretty low participation levels for this week’s challenge, but was pleased to see that a bunch of our die-hard players took a break from their holiday celebrations to throw in a guess. And the most die-hard of them all, Donna, was first. She knew that the films featured on Friday were Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Backdraft, and Bruce Almighty.  So congrats Donna — throw another slab o’ meat on the BBQ and then get to making your 2,315th aluminum foil trophy!

The rising temperatures across the land must have gotten to Donna’s brain, however, because for once she did NOT know the common link between the films. The only person who did was also our runner-up: Jennifer M.  She realized that each member of the trio had been released on Memorial Day weekend.  Another player, Will, guessed that the movies had all hit theaters “a week before Memorial Day”… but since the holiday fluctuates based on whenever the last Monday in May falls, those May 23rd and 24th release dates for our spotlighted titles were indeed the kickoff of Memorial Day weekend in the years the films were released.

Oh, I almost forgot to list our third-place winner… that was the lovely Tammy Lochridge.

On Friday when I was chatting with the folks at KPAM radio, they asked if this weekend was always a big one for films. My response was that yes… typically any three-day weekend is going to be one where big-budget, heavily marketed titles are placed. With that extra day off of work, more people are bound to head to the cool confines of the cineplex and help those studios earn back their product budget, right?  Well… not always. But for the most part, Memorial Day weekend has been home to many a blockbuster.  That’s why I’m going to wait until tomorrow to post our box office report — don’t want to discount all of the ladies heading to SATC2 and the families/video game enthusiasts heading to Prince of Persia today.  (Though maybe the poor word of mouth for both has put an end to those plans. We shall soon see!)

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