Thursday Threes: The Answer

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Where are all the cries of “too easy” now, huh?

Not that many guesses as to what actor was in Enemy of the State, Almost Famous, and The Incredibles, but I think everyone who did take a shot got it correct.

First however was regular Threes powerhouse Jim, followed by Rex B. in second, and Ashley (who's been racking up some wins herself lately) in third. Well done, all!

So who is the actor? Just line up the Inviso-Text below and put the biscuit in the basket!

(Yup, I’m watching US Olympic hockey right now—and it’s just turned into 4-0 Team USA rout. Hey Finland, why don’t you go back to… um, doing that thing that Fins are known for doing… I gotta work on my international hockey trash talking. Aaaand it’s 5-0 before I can even get this posted. 6-0 now in the first period. Is there’s a mercy rule in Olympic hockey?)

It was indeed Jason Lee, appearing this weekend in Cop Out—an appropriate time to give Lee the Threes career lookover, since it was of course Cop Out director Kevin Smith who gave the one-time professional skateboarder his first acting gig, in Smith’s Mallrats. (He played comic-book geek Brody Bruce, embodying two of Smith’s great loves: comics and Jaws.) Lee went on to appear in Smith’s Chasing Amy (as Banky, the “Inker”), Dogma (as the nattily dressed demon Azreal), and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (reprising both Brody and Banky). He’s also had bit parts in Jersey Girl and Clerks II (did a lack of Lee doom Zack and Miri Make a Porno?), and for a long time Smith desperately wanted Lee to take over the Chevy Chase role in a prequel to Fletch.

Lee did appear in non-Smith films along the way: he was the guy who accidentally taped a murder in Enemy of the State, and did the usual rounds as the Funny Friend of the Lead in rom-coms like Kissing a Fool and Mumford. But most folks probably first noticed Lee as Jeff Bebe, Sweetwater’s lead guitarist and songwriter in Almost Famous. (He was also in Dreamcatchers, the Stephen King adaptation that to this day claims the highest-ever ratio of decent/good actors to pure cinematic awfulness.)

In 2004, Lee lent his voice to the monologing villain Syndrome in Pixar’s The Incredibles. And the following year, Lee’s mustachioed lead performance in the sit-com My Name is Earl finally allowed the actor to truly kick it Reynolds Style and prove he had the chops for doing comedy outside Smith’s View Askew pool. (Lee also appeared in the Chipmunks movie, but I’m sure he had no choice—the Rodents of the Apocalypse were no doubt holding family members hostage or something.)

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