Thursday Threes: The Answer

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This one ended up trickier than I really intended. 

Quite a few of you guessed Christopher Lloyd, as he appears in both One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest and The Addams Family, but alas he was not in Mr. North. Now, I realize Mr. North isn't the best-known film out there to be using as a clue, but later you'll see why I chose it.

Millar74 doesn't like to share third place! After Wednesday's poster quiz, the long-time Threes powerhouse came roaring back hard to take down first place on this one. She was followed by Joe Allen in second (welcome back to the top of the Threes, Joe!), and new Threes contender Jim in third. Congrats all!

So if it wasn't Reverend Jim/Doc Brown/Uncle Fester, then who was the actor? Slink and slide your cursor right over the Inviso-Text below!

It was in fact Angelica Houston, appearing this weekend in When In Rome. Huston is, of course, the daughter of the late, great film director John Huston and appeared in films of his such as Prizzi's Honor (for which she won a Best Supporting Oscar) and The Dead

While Huston is a fine actress who's turned in top-notch performances in films like The Royal Tennennbaums and The Grifters, and Enemies: A Love Story (nabbing more Oscar noms for the latter two), she's probably best known for playing Morticia Addams in the 1991 big-screen version of The Addams Family and it's 1993 sequel.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was another mean clue on my part–Huston only has a bit, uncredited part as a woman at the dock when Jack Nicholson takes his fellow patients out for a boating trip, but I mentioned it because her When in Rome co-star Danny DeVito was also in Cuckoo's Nest.

At the time of Cuckoo, Huston was dating Nicholson–she'd later have larger roles in his films, appearing in The Last Tycoon, the remake of The Postman Always Rings Twice, the aforementioned Prizzi's Honor , and The Crossing Guard (after they'd broken up). When in Rome marks her first acting role since the death of her husband, sculptor Robert Graham, Jr., in 2008.

Finally, I only mentioned Mr. North–the 1988 film based on a Thorton Wilder novel and starring a post-Nerds, post-Top Gun, pre-ER Anthony Edwards as a mysterious, whimsical small-town visitor–because it was directed by Angelica's half-brother Danny Huston, who is appearing this weekend in Edge of Darkness.

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