Locke on the Radio: Edge of Darkness, When In Rome, This Is It

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Radio Oh it's been a while since you've heard my dulcet tones on the radio. I was doing the shows, they just weren't posting MP3s of my segments. Probably because I broke the studio awesome-meter. Well they must have fixed the awesome-meter or I was 30% less awesome this time, because you can now hear today on The Bob Miller Show on KPAM radio.

I'm yammering about Edge of Darkness, When In Rome, and This Is It.

Listen to it all right here.

One Response to “Locke on the Radio: Edge of Darkness, When In Rome, This Is It

  1. moviegoer123
    Posted on February 2, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    When in Rome seems stupider then Leap Year. I saw Leap Year a few weeks ago, I thought it wasn’t stupid just in some parts though. When in Rome seems bland. This film is about this girl throwing coins to shake off of a love of men and then these men stalk her, not my kind of style of a romance-comedy.
    This Is It — I have that on DVD! What a great film to enjoy right in the comfort of your home.
    Edge of Darkness seems good but its not my type of film, of course its rated R — so no wonder I’m not attracted to it — It’s Complicated I’m very attracted to but its rated R though I’ll be seeing it! Thank godsh that film It’s Complicated didn’t get nomimated for the Academy Awards because it doesn’t seem Oscar worthy to me. A film by Nancy Meyers, we all get that, of course we do if we saw Something’s Gotta Give which I did.
    Avatar will win many of awards and then once it wins several of them at the Academy Award telecast…I’ll be jumping out of my socks forgetting about Julie & Julia, Up and The Blind Side.
    Avatar NEEDS to win:
    1. Best Picture — that’s a given
    2. Best Director — that’s a given
    3. Best Visual Effects — obvious, that’s a given too.
    4. Best Cinematography — that’s obviously a given also.
    5. Best Art Direction — gotta be kidding me, well that is also a given.
    Avatar needs to win all it gets. Avatar is the best film of the world.
    Right now: its standing high on padestal with its awards and going in combat with all the other films!