The Close-Up Poster Answer: Thanksgiving Edition!

by | Nov 26th, 2009 | 8:51PM | Filed under: Other Bits

As I expected, you guys had no problem with the holiday themed Close-Up Poster contest this week. I hope you enjoyed it, because you know me: if too many get it right one week, the next week I try to stump ya!

Michell got it correct first, followed by Bobby in second and Millar74 in third. Congrats, all!

Here's another look at the clue to refresh your memory:

Close up poster 3

And while that peek was easy enough, this one should give it completely away:

Close up poster 4

Everyone got it? See the whole poster over the jump!

Planes trains smaller

Sources say this beloved wacky-but-warmhearted John Hughes comedy was made in 1987, but I know many of you will back me up in protesting that is clearly not possible, because that would make Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 22 years old. And since I distinctly recall being in college when I saw it, that would make me… well, you see? The math just doesn't add up!

Here's the film's original trailer:

Hope all of your travels this week went smoother than Neal and Del's
and that you are having a lovely Thanksgiving day, no matter where you
ended up and who you spent it with!

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