Your Tuesday Threes

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Ready for some Threes?

We're winding down our special September but don't worry, we're still giving out gift goodie movie swag baggies to
the first two winners of this Threes game. It's in celebration of redblog's one year anniversary and redbox's
500 millionth rental.

But this is the last Threes with swag prizes. Tomorrow we'll have a Close-up Poster contest with swag bags, but then Thursday it's back to the good old homemade construction-paper medals. Which means only two more days of The Rules:

- One entry per person
- The first two people to submit the correct entries will win goodie bags with movie-related items from redbox
- Submissions must include an email address (in the email address
field, NOT in the body of the comment) so we can
contact the winners and get your mailing address to send you your swag.  Don't worry, your email address will not
be shown on the site, as email addresses entered into the appropriate
field never are. Unless you foolishly put your email in the body of the comment. Which we just told you not to
do. If you'd really rather not give us your email address you are
certainly welcome to still play–you just won't get a special swag-bag
prize if you win.
- Once you’ve won a contest (that is, finished in the top two) you
cannot win another goodie bag on redblog during the month of September.
But even if you've won, you're welcome to play and snag the always
enviable homemade construction-paper medal.
- Only US-based readers can receive prize bags. Sorry, but we can't be sending the swag all over the world. Or even to Canada.
- You must be over 18 to win a swag bag. The lawyers said so.

So, that having been said, here's how it goes:

I give you three actors, you tell me what film all three were in together.

your guess in the comments section directly below this post,
and if you are one of the first two players with the correct answer you will win the surprise swag bag!

won't publish any guesses until tomorrow when I put the correct answer

What film featured:

Ricky Gervais

Robert De Niro

Michelle Pfeiffer

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