The Winners of the Branded Entertainment Idea Contest!

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Boy, this was a tough one. If I could, I'd give out a dozen or more prize gift bags–you guys really knocked yourselves out with some great ideas.

The challenge was for us–in the midst of Hollywood's obsession with "branded entertainment" like Battleship and Barbie–to come up with more childhood games, toys, foods, etc that we could spin into movie pitches and make bazillions of dollars from.

Alas, I only have three swag bags to give away, and they are going to:

Suzanne for Slinky (Yes, Wills mentioned Slinky first, but Suzanne really ran with the idea): Slinky vs… The giant slinky er, uh, slinks over tall buildings and through the
city in a quest to fight …whatever wrong it is trying to right. Or, Slinky's Adventures. Slinky in the Country, Slinky in the City,
Slinky at the Park, Slinky on Vacation, Slinky in Space. His girl and
his boy, who find joy just playing with Slinky are cast with him in
each episode. Maybe they can visit historical places and thus making
the original and sequels educational. Of course he should start with
the Washington Monument or the Empire State Building of someplace with
lots of steps!

Tanisha Smith for Kid Sister – The psychological thriller / dark comedy. What happens when kid sister decides that she
wants everything that you have. High-school setting. It would be a cross
between Single White Female and Very Bad Things. The awkward genius
sister does everything in her power to ruin the life of her adoptive
big sister while seemingly unaware of her unattractive over-sized head.
The obsession becomes deadly, but her head remains gigantic.


emoticripple for Chet Hawk, Pet Rock: A Hard Place, a Brett Ratner film. Homicide detective Chet Hawk is two weeks from his third half-life
and looking forward to retirement when he is faced with a sudden rash
of brutal chippings and related vandalism. When seemingly unrelated
pebbles of violence are revealed to be a landslide of conspiracy dating
back to Stonehenge, the situation threatens to rip a deep crevasse in
the foundation of the community. Will this immeasurable environmental
pressure metamorph Los Granulus into a volcano of molten malice, or can
Chet return his city to a half-life of sedimentary ease? Shot in 3D stop-motion. Chet Hawk voiced by Bruce Willis; all other
roles performed by Michael Clarke Duncan and Harvey Fierstein.

Suzanne, Tanisha, and emoticripple, stand by–an official redbox prize commissioner (Erika) will soon be contacting you to get your mailing addresses.

But kudos to you all for your delightful and clearly money-making ideas! I want to give special shout outs to a few others that were right up there.

Some of you went short but sweet and I giggled a lot at the notions of movies based on Shrinky Dinks (Brad), Jenga (Smrithi chakkalakal), sea monkeys (Kristi Collins), and a barrel of monkeys (Kathy Pettit). Honestly, Kristi–all joking aside, I'm not so sure you couldn't pitch a Sea Monkey Movie to a studio and get the green light.

Others that deserve a shout out: Jose O'canas Jr.'s OPERATION starring Jim Carrey with a body full of odd items; Natalie R's Crank 3: Pogo Stick of Death was not only a hilarious idea and a detailed plot/trailer outline, but best of all, I could totally see the Crank film makers using the idea for Crank 3; Meg Liese's Rice Krispies Chronicles setting the cereal elves in a Seven-like serial killer mystery; Thomas Hendrix and ricky montoya for their Mousetrap ideas–though be sure to check out Gore Verbinski's 1997 Mousehunt; Paul's elaborate Rock, Paper, Scissors (starring, of course, Dwayne Johnson), and Ann Franco might be onto something with a Chess movie, though I'm disappointed no one (including myself) could come up with an exciting movie based on Checkers. (UPDATE: After I'd published this, a few more good entries rolled in. It was too late to win anything, but kudos to Tony Perez for his Twister pitch and Heather for her take on Hungry Hungry Hippos!)

And there were so many other good ones–please hop back over to the original post and check them out!

Thanks to everyone for playing, and more than that you've proven to me we can do more of these kinds of "movie pitch" games in the future!

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  1. emoticripple
    Posted on September 30, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    Woot! Thanks guys!