They Blowed Up Real Good! The Redblog 2008 Favorite Films Poll: Action/Thrillers

by | Jan 1st, 2009 | 2:10PM | Filed under: Other Bits

This is it, the last of the first-round genre polls of our favorite films of ’08! We were going to hold the finale on Friday, but will push it back to Monday to give you the whole weekend to keep on voting and to rally friends, relatives, and co-workers to get their votes in.

– The four genre polls are Drama Monday,
Family Tuesday,
Comedy/Musical Wednesday, and Action/Thriller today. All the polls are still open, so feel free to hop back and
vote in the others. Then on Monday we’ll take the top two winners of
each genre
and pour them into a final Best of the Year poll.

– No, The Dark Knight is not here today. It’s so big, such an obvious pick that it (and Wall-E) get a bye round. Both will be in Monday’s finale poll.

— The nominees were assembled fairly un-scientifically,  based
mostly on box-office and DVD sales and rental charts, but with some
consideration given to critically acclaimed titles. Still, feel free to let us know in
the comments what beloved stuff we left off.

– Vote for as many titles as you like in each poll.

Be sure to sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of these choices or the ones we left off.

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