Hathaway Gets Her Moment (Most Likely the First of Many) at the Critics’ Choice Awards

by | Jan 9th, 2009 | 4:54PM | Filed under: Award Shows

It’s a big week for doling out kudos in Hollywood, and last night the place to be was the Santa Monica Civic Center for the Critics’ Choice Awards.  You can view the complete list of winners here, but what I want to talk about right now is the Woman of the Hour, Anne Hathaway.  Once again, she’s everywhere.   

She and Meryl Streep tied for Best Actress (for their performances in Rachel Getting Married and Doubt, respectively), and as Meryl wasn’t in attendance, Anne got the stage all to herself.  And boy, did she use up her time.  Is it just me, or was Angelina shooting ice daggers from her eyes in the hopes of silencing her victorious competitor?

Or perhaps Brad’s baby mama was upset (and Anne was still giddy) because hours earlier, the Golden Globe Awards’ web site listed Ms. Hathaway as its Best Actress in a Drama… even though the event isn’t held until the 11th.  A technical glitch or a Sunday night spoiler?  We’ll see soon enough… but either way, you can bet that the camera — and all eyes — will be on Anne when the winner is announced.

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