We’re Gonna Have Some Quality Family Time Whether You Kids Like it or Not! The Redblog 2008 Favorite Films Poll: Family Movies

by | Dec 30th, 2008 | 11:23AM | Filed under: Other Bits

Welcome to Day Two of our end-of-year favorite films of ’08 poll!

– The four genre polls are Drama Monday, Family today, Comedy/Musical on Wednesday, and Action/Thriller on Thursday. Then on Friday we’ll take the top two winners of each genre and pour them into a final Best of the Year poll. And yes, we’re putting HSM3 in here with Family today–tweeners, you’re still part of this family!

– The nominees were assembled fairly un-scientifically,  based
mostly on box-office and DVD sales and rental charts, but with some
consideration given to critically acclaimed titles. Still, feel free to let us know in
the comments what beloved stuff we left off.

– Two films get a bye round. The Dark Knight and Wall-E were too big, too acclaimed–they’d swamp all competition in
the genre round. But they’ll be there Friday for the final round.

– Vote for as many titles as you like in each poll.

Now let those fingers do the clicking, and be sure to sound off in the comments on everything cinematic you
loved and hated in 2008!

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