Team Jolie Wins… Again.

by | Dec 30th, 2008 | 1:30PM | Filed under: Hollywood Chatter, Other Bits

Let another round begin!
Have you seen USA Today‘s Celebrity Heat Index?  It’s one of those totally useless, pointless and ridiculous widgets… yet I find myself drawn to messing around with it.  It tracks — in what I’m sure is a staid, scientific matter that involves obsessing over tabloid covers and talk show guests — the "hotness" of celebrities.  This is critically important stuff, folks!

This year, singer, dancer and sometimes-actress (Crossroads counts!) Britney Spears topped the index, with Changeling‘s Angelina Jolie coming in second place.  A number one movie at the end of the year wasn’t enough to push Jennifer Aniston ahead of her longtime rival — the Marley & Me star came in a distant third, with her ex (and Jolie’s baby daddy) Mr. Benjamin Button close on her heels.

I’m here to console all of the Hollywood players who are way, way down on the list — like Twilight‘s Nikki Reed (tied for last place at #484) — by reminding everyone of just how fickle the entertainment industry and the public at large is.  Katie Holmes skyrocketed to the top of this week’s heat tracker simply because she wore some ugly jean shorts, for Pete’s sake. 

With January 1 only two days away, attention now turns toward 2009.  Who are we going to be the most sick of by this time next year?  My bets are on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from Twilight.  They both have multiple films coming out in addition to the monster that will be New Moon, and he’s already making headlines for simply getting a haircut.  Yeah, he’s easy on the eyes, but there definitely can be too much of a good thing sometimes.  Prepare for Edward Overload!

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