Another Pie is Baking…

by | Dec 31st, 2008 | 10:25AM | Filed under: News

This one time, it was funny.
At the end of October, reports surfaced that a third big-screen sequel to American Pie (as opposed to another direct-to-DVD sequel, of which there are already three) was in the works.  For a while I thought that my wishing, hoping and praying that this idea would never come to fruition had actually worked, because no one spoke of it again.  But last night, a ton of entertainment outlets starting discussing its plot and postulating about which cast members might return.  Was it just a slow news day, or is there actually a reason that people are recirculating this rumor two months after it first hit the Internet?

It appears to be the former… no one has any new information on the film, which will supposedly focus on Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan’s characters as they start a family of their own.  The sad thing is, I must admit that I actually saw American Wedding, the third installment in the franchise in which those two got married.  But I have a good excuse — my husband and I were traveling and it was torrentially raining and it was one of the only movies our rented apartment had available.  My advice is: milk this sucker for all it's worth!
We had no choice!  It was either watch American Wedding, or stare at each other for hours while being depressed about a rained-out vacation.  What would you have done?!?

Anyway, even though I’m not a big fan of the goofy, randy humor these films are known for, I do see why the original was successful.  Unfortunately, Hollywood just couldn’t leave well enough alone.  The question is, would Alyson Hannigan — who’s now on the relatively successful How I Met Your Mother – actually consider reprising her role if asked to do so?  How much money would they have to pay her to make it worth facing a resurgence of band camp jokes… and is there enough money in the world to justify that scenario?

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