Thursday (Wednesday) Threes: The Answer

by | Nov 28th, 2008 | 12:45PM | Filed under: Threes

Well, the special Wednesday edition of the Thursday Threes did garner several correct answers, so I guess it wasn’t too tough.

First across the ol’ posting board was Anonymous! (The name seems familiar, but I just can’t place the face…) Anony has won the right to make him or herself a lovely construction-paper Threes Winner Medal! (I recommend the creative use of dried, painted macaroni when adding bling to your medallion.)

To see the correct answer, wrap your arms around your friend, Inviso-Text!

As many guessed, it was Vince Vaughn. After all, this seems to be Vince Vaughn Week at Redblog, with James’ review of Four Christmases up Wednesday and my review of Fred Claus on its way.

I thought I’d offset Mr. Vaughn’s current ubiquitousness by picking some pretty obscure performances. His cameo in Zoolander was silent and in coal-face: He was one of Derek Zoolander’s mute coal-mining brothers. Early in their careers (pre-Swingers), both he and Jon Favreau had small parts in Rudy, that ode to can-do Domer attitude. And frankly, I didn’t think anyone would remember The Cell, Tarsem Singh’s super-stylized (and creepy lovely) serial-killer fantasia.

But several of you obviously did! Congrats!

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