WHAT Just Happened? Oh. THAT Just Happened.

by | Oct 31st, 2008 | 4:27PM | Filed under: Trailers

Every once in a while, it seems like a big-name cast and directing/production team come together to make a movie that pretty much only those "in the biz" will appreciate.  From both what I’ve read and surmised from the trailer below, What Just Happened is one of those movies.

It’s not like I think it looks awful, but I’m not exactly getting the feeling that it’s worth shelling out ten bucks for at the theater when it expands into wide release tonight, either.  It’s been out in New York and L.A. for two weeks already (experiencing a 32% drop-off in ticket sales after its debut on October 17th), so if the people based in movie production-centric locations aren’t that interested, I can’t imagine anyone else who would want to rush out and see What Just Happened

I’m sticking with my prediction that this weekend will belong to Zack and Miri!

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